The Cartoon Network.

So Preeti here I go with your request. May “Spinach” give me the needed strength to tackle all after this.

On request from Preeti, here’s the Cartoon series.

Disclaimer – All characters shown here are imaginary ones, and if any of you have the same name then its the fault of upar waala as he gave me those names when I came across those graphics.

Shagun - Hmmmppphhhh!!! Don't do it Partner and BB


Shiza - Huh. Wasting time on these!! Where's my Eidi Bro??


Mango - Youuuuuuuuu Paajiiiii. Wait let me now hit you with a century of notifications!!!


Saara - Sighhhhh. Quite hurt with Arsenal. Will I ever get to see my team as Champions??


Amby - BB Don't Call me BABYYYYYYYYYY!!!!


Amby - Preeti you made him start with that Blog post??? :-@


Avani to Nidhi - Chal Preeti ki khabar lete hai. :-@


Preeti - BHAIIIIII Save me. They all are after me.


Gagan - Shhhhhh Preeti. Don't make so much of ruckus. You started it now face it bravely. Keep silence, I am studying.


Anku, currently in a phylosophical mood - There Preeti. See my teaching gets proved, you reap what you sow.


Adi - Friends, leave all this and help. I am down with so much of work load that I am even forgetting my mail passwords.


Bhaijaan - Better I go into hiding before they come after me.


Pachu, in her own Lala-Gaga land unaware of whats happening around.


Donny - Let me follow Pachu and set my future before this whole lot does the damage. **Hi to be Mrs Donny, how about a date?**




14 thoughts on “The Cartoon Network.


    I ENJOYED this One=)) I am so Sure thats gonne be my halath once people read this. But they deffo are gonna Love it too.

    Bhai … this is AWSOME!


  2. hahahhaa hahaha this is hilarious and kya bhaskar humein bhi cartoon pasand hai/. hamein aap kis category mein daaloge..
    this is total rofl post 🙂


  3. Roflllllllllllllllllllll Bhai!!!! TOOO GOOD!!!
    I was in dire need of a good laugh!!!! Thank you for making my day better!!!
    ROFLLL… Preeti u know i would say something like that hahaha


  4. Hahahaha…..good one ! Reminded me of those HOTSEAT days !
    As if passwords were not enough now i have to deal with passcodes too!


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