Lets experience and not just celebrate Diwali!!!

A big part of Diwali is cleaning our house. We all do it every year during this time though I am sure we all do it otherwise too. So this Diwali how about cleaning our minds and intellects too!!

Another tradition we maintain for Diwali, buying new clothes. It’s being followed for years. Even in our family Diwali meant going for shopping and getting clothes for each and every family member. Everyone keep aside their old clothes and put on the new ones. How about getting rid of our old unwanted disturbing habit like our anger, jealousy and worry!! Let us try to emerge a better person where we can shower more love on others and in turn get a blissful and happy life.

All of us who are into business, we settle all our old account books today and begin new ones. Why not follow the same with our life’s accounts too?? So many of us have very bitter and unpleasant relationships, let’s begin those again in a new positive way.

We burn firecrackers; why not also burn the undesirable desires also this Diwali. Sweets are shared, how about sharing really meaningful sweet and true wishes!!!

We all connect Goddess Lakshmi with the Goddess of wealth. Yes true, she is the Goddess of wealth. But have you noticed her name? It comes from the word “Laksh” meaning Target or Goals. I am sure if we can really experience Diwali this way, we can get the ultimate goal of heavenly perfection. I am sure Goddess Lakshmi would be happier if we work to collect the wealth of goodwill and love from our near and dear ones.

Wishing all of you a very happy Diwali and hope we all can actually experience the festival and not just celebrate it.

Happy Diwali to you all.


14 thoughts on “Lets experience and not just celebrate Diwali!!!

  1. wow that was something and so true

    likewise me first to comment

    wish you a very very happy diwali


  2. As always Good and Inspiring Post Bhai.

    Wishing You and all others a Very Happy and Safe Diwali.


  3. Bahut khub………..!
    Wishing you the best diwali bro. I am sure we’ll have a blast together.


  4. Happy Diwali to you Bhai..

    Loved how you have tried to show a different face of diwali. How people can replace the negative with the positive. How one can do the same things we’ve been doing for years but in a different way, different vision. Great hai ekdum 🙂



  5. If people start thinking on these lines this world would surely become a better place to live in.

    Enjoy the festival in a different style. :D.


  6. Good thoughts and a great post !
    Happy Diwali and may everyday of your life bring you new hopes, good health , great luck and loads of love from near n dear ones


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