R.I.P. Love of my Life!!!!

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I still remember the first day when I set my eyes on you, 16th June 2010, a Wednesday hot summer afternoon. I was transfixed by the sight, you were there, right there in front of me, sitting idly in an inanimate form. So innocent, so flattering in my fav colour get up! The way you lay in repose, I was sure it had to be you. Love at first sight, this is what they say, I felt connected.

I bought you home and everyone liked you, no, loved you. The way you just so seamlessly connected to everyone, and made everyone dance around you merrily, you were just a magnifica opera d’arte. I remember how few, especially my landlady, was a little apprehensive while handling you, lest you may get hurt. Shouting on anyone, even me, if you were not treated properly. Her way of handling you showed us how careful she is even with her little one, same apprehension, same protectiveness, same concern that he might get hurt!! But then, it was her first time meeting you.

We had a great time together, you virtually became my ears. An extension to my ears who can just add music to my life. Thinking of ears reminds me of how many journeys we have taken, over the mountains, on boat rides splashing waters, through lands of flowers and so many. I thought and planned trips, while you assisted in its execution. Some said youโ€™re too heavy, some said youโ€™re not enough, but for me you were just perfect.

I believed that our relation was meant to last long, really long. I never saw it coming, the futility of wishful thinking. Nothingโ€™s built to last, nor you, neither me. You are lost, to me, forever. I am at loss that I cannot repair. Post mortem reveals that you succumbed to some malfunction in your sensory parts, how I now wish I had just cremated you in the dead of the night yesterday rather than to open you up and look for signs of resurrection. Hope! I was blinded, so naive.

The way you upheld your loyalty to me, I feel all the more proud, and this makes me more nostalgic. The only solace that I can get is that you breathed your last in my very palms.

We had a beautiful time together my friend, my aide. I wish you all the peace. Dearest Ipod, R.I.P.!





13 thoughts on “R.I.P. Love of my Life!!!!

  1. And here I got a shock who is this love that you are dedicating this. Too good man! Never expected this.


  2. hahahahahahahaha…….
    I had some idea Bhaskar’s going to pull out something. It can never be THE love we think of. =))
    Too well written!


  3. OMG broo you’re impossible I actually thought you were refering to some ‘girl’ …dammmnn it was you’re ipoooodd..!:P anyway RIP ipod =))


  4. Goodness me! I was like, how and when did BT get a GF hahahaha.
    Really well compiled. RIP to your Ipod. My all sympathies and prayers are with your love. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. hahah hahahahaha this is too much, but knowing you i figured it had to be some gadget which is getting this lovely obituary. hahahahhahaha too good bhaskar ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hahahahahaha. Cool one! Only you can come up with such articles.

    RIP to your Ipod. May it get all the peace and not be worried anymore with what input needs to go into your ears. =))



  7. lol… Aapne itna kya us bechari ko sataya ki usne apni jaan gawadi…

    BTW – Which is ur love life?? iPod/Blackberry/Laptop or is it that one is ur love, one is ur girl friend and another is ur wife??? Think about making a post on this too ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. For some reason I am unable to post here from my phone.

    This one is too good !!! Tum joker nahi – full circus ho !!!

    Btw have u been listening to Himmy bhaiya songs lately in your Ex- Ipod?


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