Compassion among Animals.

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When your house is surrounded by wilderness and you get to take some time out of your busy schedule to watch the happenings around you, give some attention to this other side of Mother Nature than us the human beings, you are bound to notice lot of surprises. Mother Nature till date has never failed to amaze me with all her wide ranging features. A small plant, how it grows, the changes in its colours! Birds, different types of them and how they live together on any big tree, with so many nests and yes, they too end up fighting among themselves just as we the humans do at times with our neighbors. It’s so much fun watching all these happenings and one of my favourite pastimes being, to go out for a walk into this wilderness or sit nearby window and watch all this.

What I saw yesterday has left me really wonderstruck! There are few big trees behind my house. And on one mango tree, which is growing almost attached to my house, lives few squirrels. Morning when I have my tea with biscuits, it has become a rule that I would throw few pieces out and one of these squirrels’ would come down to eat those. Infact recent times I noticed I just need to come and sit near the window and it comes running down the tree. It’s the same one I know from a brown mark on its side.

This very tree I noticed also has few crow’s nests. Two of them even have fledglings. I can’t see them but noticed how their beaks would show when the mother crow brings food home.

I was busy in my own work when I heard lot of chirping. I went along to see and found one of the nests had fallen down. And the nest had one small baby in it, eyes closed and it was shouting or maybe crying! The crow was nowhere to be seen. Other birds were sitting on the low branches nearby and were creating a ruckus.

I know we have cats around and also few snakes. My first thought was to pick up the nest and try putting it back to some higher place. But then suddenly I recalled a lesson from childhood. You touch the egg or baby of these birds and the mother would simply throw it away never to take it back. I stood watching them all from my window helplessly.

And suddenly I see the squirrel come down. What followed later was so mesmerizing that I simply could not move away. This squirrel went on running around the nest while squeaking. Next it tried few times to hold the nest with it two front paws. Failed!! Next try was using his mouth. Even that failed. It then ran up the mango tree again. I was wondering what would the animal do and looked up the tree trying to find it. Before long suddenly I saw few more squirrels running down the tree behind this one. Now they all together tried different postures around the nest, trying to do lot, which was beyond my understanding!! And all this time other birds were going on shouting creating a really big din.

Suddenly I see the crow flying back and sit on one of the branches. Could be because of the squirrels being there it was not coming down. Next moment all the squirrels ran up and the crow is besides the nest. The fledgling is restored back somewhere up the tree. Nest is still lying at the base of the mango tree. And all is quiet as if nothing happened.

The whole incident left me wondering about “Compassion” among animals. I learned that it’s prevalent not just among their own species but also for other animals belonging to other species or family.





9 thoughts on “Compassion among Animals.

    • Yes, it actually left me speechless too. Living on same space together can bring good feeling, this was a brilliant example.


  1. Beautiful experience i can get. Human lacking compassion we call them animal. This proves the expression wrong. 🙂


  2. Amazing man! Shows this feeling or emotion part is not just with humans. Animals too carry those.


    • Maybe this grows as they have been staying together for long. Also, squirrels are mammals. Mammals show more compassion for little ones, hence this behavior for another little one.


  3. Such a beautiful, lovely experience!!

    You know this story reminded me of Champak….how I used to love the interactions between different animals in that little gem of a book.

    When Leo, my German, was about two years old, he loved chasing all the birds and squirrels around. One day, a small fledgeling came down from the tree. It was possibly trying out it’s tiny wings for the first time. It soon realised that flying down was easier than flying up. Leo saw it, and dashed after the little bird. My heart sank, and I imagined a grisly end to that tiny little being.

    What happened after that will stay with me forever. Leo, my big giant of a dog, followed that 3 inches of screeching creature all around our yard. He nosed it, sniffed it, went down on his paws just to look at it. Followed it all around, in the grass, among the bushes, between the shrubs and onto the perches, at times hopping over it making sure his giant paws did not squish the tiny thing.

    I have pictures and I will post them one of these days.


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