The Haunting Question….

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He had come to this earth and was gifted with a life anyone would envy. With everyone to everything around, nothing could be better. Jumping, dancing, singing, life went along with all fun and happiness filled. But as said – Things don’t stay same always.

Suddenly he is sent out to face the world alone. He was lost. Yet he walked along and soon found many beside him again. Life turned fun! So many friends who took him as part of their life! Few even took him as part of their family. New families created, new people in his life, life was back to fun days. His dream in life was to be a teacher. But as fate would have been he loses his voice. All dreams for becoming a teacher was gone.

He accepted all this, and carried on, finding fate stepping in again. Accident curtails his movements. And later, a fatal disease, that leaves him with loss of an organ. Not just his movement, his whole life style, be it food, work, everything gets curtailed, gets under monitor.

But he gets saved. He is “Alive” because his hearts are beating, he can feel, he shows emotions!! Is he really living??

The eternal question again haunts him – WHY???





7 thoughts on “The Haunting Question….

  1. I understand bro.. even i asked the same question ke “WHY IT IS ALWAYS YOU” lekin upar wale ki kuch to marzi hogi kuch to baat hogi.. end of the day we needto thank Almighty in every situation. aur Suniye… hum aapke saath hamesha hamesha hai..


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