How Free we really are???

Long weekend, that’s what I have been hearing starting day one of last week. Yes, with the historical day 15th August being a Monday, we do have a long weekend. But how many of us have really pondered on the real value of this historical day when a nation got freedom!! Today I attended the flag hoisting ceremony and asked few – What freedom mean to you? I got different replies. Yes true, freedom can be interpreted differently by different people.

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For me Freedom is – A journey that begins with unshackling our minds from prejudice, bias, negativity and insecurities that plague us.  Independence is the freedom of our soul, sensitivity of the mind and a feeling understood only by the heart.  Only when we sensitize ourselves to conditions around us can we be the change that we seek to see around us.  

We also need to realise that with freedom comes responsibility. We talk about corruption and how India is yet to get freedom from this. But it’s we who hand over the 100 rupee note to the policeman when we jump signal or are without helmet. Our nation is still under the clutches of caste, religion and social standing discrimination. Women in our nation lack the independence to speak out, and unfortunately, it’s not happening just in our villages!!! Even educated family you’ll find the same trend.

We have so much freedom that we cannot go for a peaceful demonstration against the govt. If you try you might find yourself being maligned. Film like Aarakshan gets banned as it tells some true bare facts which can put each and every political party in trouble.

We have come a long way. But we are still far away from real freedom. We are yet to free our nation from poverty. Every night there are many who go to sleep without any food or roof over their head. Our citizens need freedom from fear. People leave home for work and are not even sure if they’ll get back home safe. There’s lot that needs to be done to give a decent respectable and dignified life to our citizens. What we really have achieved is finesse in corruption!!!

Our India has come a long way in many things and has made a mark internationally. But India has also come a LONG way in reverse gear towards anarchy, corruption, total mismanagement, lack of infrastructure, looting national wealth, no proper health care, and lack of education, poor governance, human trafficking and lack of security!!!

Yes our govts, all those who came to power till date, are to be blamed. But time has come for us to take a stand too. Not Hazare, nor any Baba, what is needed is guts and will power among us to beat this corruption. If 64 years took this nation to this state, cleaning will take a long time and we need to keep that patience. It could be difficult but not impossible. Let’s take the first step to free our nation from corruption by not giving that Rs 100/- to the get our work done!!!!

Happy Independence Day to all Indians!!!





8 thoughts on “How Free we really are???

  1. Very very well expressed. How many of us really have the freedom of even thinking independently?

    And I agree with you BT, we cannot depend upon others to free us of corruption. It’s time we too took steps keeping aside our selfish wishes!


  2. Exactly my thoughts..but I don’t know the skill of writing so remains in heart.In the morning when I attended the Flag hoisting ceremony friend congratulated me and I asked… “Are we really Free????Are we really celebrating this day with free mind soul and heart???” Yes time has come to take a stand…but how ????? don’t know.


  3. very nicely expressed but sad this is the state now. when i was listening to songs in morning i kept thinking what has happend now. freedom now to most means extra holiday


  4. Well said and very true! How much are we really free? Its a ques which I am sure runs in most Indian’s mind. Even our education system believes in forcing things upon the students rather than letting them show their own creativity!

    Hope it changes. And changes for good. Youth need to make a stand and get this change happen. Anna don’t have a magic stick that he’ll get things done. 🙂


  5. Very well said. Happy Independence day with a hope that each and everyone starts taking a little initiative towards betterment.


  6. Love to read your thoughts,bhaiya.Your words and views are always laced with verity and sincerity…


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