Amby on the Hot Seat!!!

Amby (Baby) on the Hot Seat.

Daneil is a lucky man. He beat me to the punch by interviewing the eastern sun before I woke up. So what if he was assisted by the blogger Gods. I have decided to do my interviews too with my own celebrities. So here’s our first celebrity on the hot seat!!! Amby, our cute Baby!!!

Me: Hello Amby baaaa…, ummm can I call you Baby?

A:  Baby mat bolo na broooooo!! 😦 I am no more a baby, you know even my dimaag has started running so fast now a days. How can you call me a baby!!

Me: Oh ok, Amby would do for now. So Amby, I heard you made a graphics on food. Do you know I had CHILLI tikka masala BABY corn once in dinner? 😀

A: Besides jalaofying me, why are you shouting the two words Chilli and baby while giving me such devilish look. They are no way related to me. :@

Me: I know they are not related to you, was just making the statement as a conversation. 😛 So what’s latest happening in your life? Actually you know what. I was thinking……

A: Noooooo don’t think. :O Whenever you start thinking I get a 100volt ka jhatka. You need rest bro, why not get over with the interview and go off to sleep.

Me: Come now Amby, okay I’ll think about the same later.

A: What’s exactly running in your mind bro? Let me know fast so that I can pack up and go on a one month Himalayan tour. **Wondering where my bapu went? Pakro bapu ko koi yaar**

Me: You really are a chatter box. Now tell what’s happening in your tapori family.

A: Bhaiiii I am NORMAL. 😀 Bak bak karne ka dept to Shiza ka hai family mein. And Bapu, all time free bas awaaz dene ki zarurat hai. And my shheewwty butter momma is lost…..goes on vacation everytime alll alonee…. :(( kabhi hume saath hee nai leke jaate.

Shiza: Sorry to poke in. Chatterbox kiske kisko bola??

Me: Shiza please get out of this habit of poking, you seem to be poking me even while I am driving, cooking!!!And yes out now, we are on air live.

Me: So, getting back to Amby! What is all this we hear about Mr Arjun Bijlani and your family ruckus?

A: OMG even this is public news! Your Nalayak Beta and Bahu are always eyeing on their one and ONLY damaad. Only my Bua Preeti is shareef. Kya Dadu aapne beta aur bahu ko kya yehi sikhaya hai. =))

Me: Okay tell me, what is your motto of life?

A: Enjoy life Bhaiiii, tension dusro ko do. 😀

Me: I also heard about some problem with your institute regarding few courses.

A: Arae Bhai. It was CSS. I had to do it online. Institute people threw me out. Because I had no interest in what they were teaching and I would chat along on my cell. Even bunked my class! 😀 So Dad stopped giving me the money to pay them and they in turn threw me out.

Me: Well we are at the end of the interview. But as the first person to come on stage and bravely face the mike, I have a nice gift for you.

A: You have a NICE gift for me???????????????????? Daal mein kuch kala hai?? NO NO wait!!! Since its you, puri ki puri dal kali hai…:)) Now what do you plan to do Broooo? Beta Amby, betta be gayab again for a month!!!

There she’s gone!!!! Bye, till we are back with our next celebrity. And very soon too.





10 thoughts on “Amby on the Hot Seat!!!

  1. HAHAHAH ….. Bua is always with this Bhanji of her but Arjun??? How abt Shahid? He is better & the Best:P

    But this was too good Bhai


  2. hahahahahaa haha i just logged in and saw this post

    very very cute and ahem u used my user id here 😉


  3. This is too funny and Amby you really are cute hahaha. Always luv your interaction with bt.


  4. Hahahaha……. Reminded me of all those crazy times! Amby baby – are you still the ” baby hammering away” ?


  5. OMG! hhaahhaha. i was honestly gonna scroll down to this box and ask you CHATTERBOX KISKO BOLAAAAA? but that moment i saw that part where i had already asked you that question! HAHA totally cracked me up! i don’t do bak bak though 😦 i dont even talk that much 😛
    really enjoyed reading it.

    P.S i DON’T poke you…at all. 😮 😛 its you who’s always poking me…i just poke BACK at times. *rolls eyes*


    • aarree shizu phele toh tu bak bak karti thi na =))=))
      after your exams you became quiet because parhai kar kar ke teri awaaz hee chalii gayi:P:P


    Bhai how do you come up with such things?? Where do you get ideas from?creativity toh phutt phutt ke bari hai dadu mei lol (pass on to me the secret I badly need it lol)
    hahah & You know what I read this post while standing on road lol & people who were passing were staring at me as if I’ve gone mad, actually was laughing standing on the road(good that none of my college friends or anyone i know saw me hehe)
    and Yes bhai I have to agree this post is the best topic till now =))=)) I think I’ve never laughed so much:)):))
    You know first when I saw the title “amby on hotseat” was so shocked I was like bro was preparing for thiiiss:O:O very scared to face 1000000’s of questions:P
    oh btw I love shizu’s poking…chatterbox toh woh hai hee*runs*
    thanks for reminding me about those boring classes I used to attend eww feels so good that im otta that institute, it was hell boringg….heheh Bro I miss our last year’s fun at fb…!:(
    P.S: I love that graphic:P:P:P
    P.P.S:- I know I’m very lazy(you all can hit me for that) after reading the post I had wrote everything and saved it in cell lol…and then totally forgot about replying :)):))


  7. That’s was a good one…each and every answer EXACTLY how amby would reply =)). Beware Amby your Daadu knows you really well :))….that makes it even easy for him to plan a prank on you :))

    And its “Chilli Baby” the new name you are thinking of for your Pooti daddy? =))

    And i can’t believe what i read O_O did you actually get thrown out the institute Amby??? O_O Wah re meri pyaari beti…isse kehte hain sahi naam roshan karna =))

    And never to worry about the fact that butter momma goes on vacation alone….we will plan one big vacation…where we will ALL accompany her :)) Inshallah.


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