Friendship, the Magical Band.

Continuous trials of dreams and life,
Friendship is a magical wand.

Thanks – For every time you all stood there for me.

Sorry – For whenever I hurt you or let you down, I can assure I didnt mean to do it.

And Remember – Rememberance is a better compliment than love. Friends never expect tons of love. But only a milligram of remembrance is enough to keep that true friend happy. The important thing is to keep in touch with the people who matter to us. Staying connected with them makes life much more fulfilling. Believe me, long after our works is finished, the goals achieved will no longer be important, but the relationships will be strong and nurturing.

Friendship can be many miles away, never meeting face to face. But corresponding and encouraging. We might never meet them but I always believe will see them in the next life, those angels who hear us and listen to us and love and encourage us to go on!!!

Happy Friendship Day to all my Friends!!!



16 thoughts on “Friendship, the Magical Band.

  1. Wish you the same BT Sirji. May our friendship always carry on and grow stronger with every passing day.



  2. wish u the same bhaskar.
    true we might never meet them or talk to them but still the bond remains..


  3. Friendship is like standing on wet cement,
    the longer u stay, harder it is 2 leave,
    & u can never go widout leaving ur footprints behind!!!!!
    ~HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY~ to u Bhaskar šŸ˜€


  4. Happpy Friendship Day to you too Bhaii :)))) May God Bless You withh all the good things in life and may this friendship and love of ours continuee as we live :)) Thank You soo much!!! U are the BESt Brother!!! :)))


  5. thnx for the words bhaskar! i seriously dunno , why is it getting so difficult for me to keep in touch with friends…i keep reminding myself but fail to act. No wonder i lost them over a period of time. but i know , i keep remembering them quite often …wonder if they too remember me somewhere..sometime…

    all said…yaar bhaskar kitni GF’s huyi? i am more interested in to that…lol..


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