Visit to Nirmal Hriday – Mother Teresa’s house for the dying destitutes!!!

Nirmal Hriday (Pure Heart) was the location gifted to Mother Teresa which she turned into a place for destitute and dying, bringing joy into their life. “These poor desolate and destitute people, when they die in peace with joy in their heart and love for god, it is a wonderful fact” – Sister Anila said when I first met her and asked permission to go round the missionary and spend a day with them. And she is so true. When you interact with them you realize the Joy of poor being so clean and transparent.

There are approx. 100 patients for both female and male. Many of them were picked up from the local market or train station; badly wounded; abandoned by the family and has nothing more than just waiting to pass away. That’s why it’s called ‘House for the Dying’. This building was a part of the Kalighat Temple itself and temple authority were and still are more than happy to see this part of the temple being put to such a noble cause.

‘We must not drift away from the humble works, because these are the works nobody will do. They are never too small. We are so small we look at things in a small way. Even if we do a small thing for somebody, GOD, being almighty, sees everything as great” – Mother Teresa.

And sister Anila echoes almost a similar view to me while explaining their mission in life. “Jesus lives inside these people and through them we get to serve him. With joy in our heart we welcome them here. We make sure to serve them with joy, making them feel needed. Thus we prepare them to return to God with a smile.”

While moving around I interacted with many of them. They all had so many stories to tell. Some of their innocent pure acts would even bring tears to your eyes. Why there is so much suffering in the world??

This is the best place to learn about what is TRUE LOVE! My highest appreciation to those who sacrificed themselves and put so much dedication to the patients, they are the real ‘Walking Angels’.

After permission from the sisters, I was allowed to take few photographs. Sharing those with you all.

Just when you enter the building.

As you see it from the Kalighat Temple side.

Close up of the balcony.

Room where Mother Teresa has been rested. The tomb is a place of worship for visitors. With flowers they write quotes by Mother daily.

Chappel inside the building where prayers are held daily.

Male ward.

Ward for the women.

One of the patient being helped by a volunteer.

Pushpa, very stubborn lady and suffering from advanced stage of TB. But I loved talking to her. I asked her to make a funny face and she came up with this.

An old man suffering from Alzheimer’s desease uses a toilet roll as a mobile phone to talk to his son. Sister Anila requested me to carry on a conversation with him. “Just bring a smile on his face my boy. Talking to his son would make his day, though he might forget soon”.

Volunteers washing the utensils.

Volunteers busy with laundry washing.





6 thoughts on “Visit to Nirmal Hriday – Mother Teresa’s house for the dying destitutes!!!

  1. Do looks to be an awesome experience. Lucky man. Wish i too could get a chance to visit once in this lifetime.


  2. Lovely. And I am happy you visited. Sorry for not making it that day. Mighty possible it was not for me to cherish the same. Thanks for sharing the pics and giving us all a glimpse of this temple of love!


  3. It’s really sad to see so much of suffering in the world – good to know there are institutes which take care of those who ask for nothing but love…. May God bless Them!!!!!!


  4. Really amazing place! 🙂 In ’92 I had visited the place. It was an experience in itself, so can get connected to you. Hats off to these angels.



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