Stumble to get up again…..

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In some phases of your life, you suddenly feel all alone. Everything around you moves with the speed of light and you are still stuck at some place, trying to take that final step but still hesitating because you are too scared.

I have too many unanswered questions lying in a corner. I am glad that some of you ‘really’ know what you want from life. I don’t. Every-time I sit to write things down, be it on paper or here, I realize that I have no idea what do I exactly want. One thing although stays common at the end of all these sessions: Peace of Mind.

My thirst for ‘Peace of mind’ comes from the life I have lived, a life which has been an amalgamation of too many short stories just like many others. I have spent so many nights, curling up in bed, wondering and questioning God as to why be I the only one whose prayers are not answered. Why do I have to struggle in life, in every phase? Then, I met some of you. I saw many other sides of struggle. In some of you I found such brave hearts who have fought every odd and still rose!! That gave me hope!

I fought a lot of my own battles too, but I thought someday I will be paid off for my perseverance and spirit. I never was, or maybe I was too blind to see the rewards. I know I still have a wonderful life, family, friends and dreams that are unattended. And I am aware of the fact that, end of the day, I HAVE to find my way out. May be today is a day when I stumbled again, when my faith in me is shaken again. But tomorrow, I will get up and walk again. Every day I am telling myself that I will sail through this one too. Because sometimes we have no choice but to NOT give up!!





10 thoughts on “Stumble to get up again…..

  1. We are there, but i know thats nothing. Don’t give up man. You can fight it out, I believe in your strength. πŸ™‚


  2. Felt nice and relieved reading the last part…u r one of the most genuine ppl tht i hav come across. I m sure u’ll make it thru.


  3. I just always get goosebumps when i read your blogs. i can totally relate myself to these. bro, just D.O.N.T give up. cuz like YOU tell me, nothing really is impossible. so yes..nothing is. and every problem has a solution. just have faith in god and trust in him…and you’ll find the answers to all your questions. i bet you will. just try to find them..and they’re around you.
    and yes, knowing what one wants is like half the battle..i agree. but then not ALL of us know πŸ™‚ just.dont.give.up.


  4. Big hug. My heart says you will sail thru. I am so very sure of the same! Just keep strong Bhaskar.


  5. Beautifully Written
    And Well … “Hum hain tho Kya Ghum Hai:P” Bhai ….i know your gonna be a winner this time too. So just done worry and Be Happy:-)


  6. BT,

    Love the way you present the words in a beautiful manner πŸ™‚

    Check this poem :

    When all the world is looming dark
    And things seem not so clear,
    When shadows seem to hover ’round
    Lord, may I persevere.

    When it seems everything’s been tried
    And there’s no way to go,
    Just let me keep remembering
    Sometimes the journey’s slow.

    I may just need to stop and rest
    Along the path I trod,
    A time to try to understand
    And have my talk with God.

    As I gain new strength to carry on
    Without a doubt or fear,
    Somehow I know things will be right,
    And so, I persevere.

    By Anne Stortz
    from Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul


  7. You will come out as a winner this time too – Just stay determined and fight it out… It’s difficult but not impossible… Just go ahead and come out as a winner – we all are with you…


  8. Don’t worry …… “aall iss well” ! I really love this phrase from 3 Idiots !!
    Don’t think of anything else – just live life to the fullest…


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