Is it Worth Living Here???

A picture of injured being taken to hospital after the blast in mumbai, loaded in a truck like cattle. This is what we live for and this is what we pay our taxes for!!!

9/11 and nothing after that. Not a single blast in US. And here it happens again and again. We treat terrorists as guests. Pay for their lawyers, Pay for thier free lunches. They come and kill us and we protect them and then fight over their security cover bills.

Our Netas (Rahul, Chidambram) say attacks cannot be stopped. Some others (Digvijay Singh) say we are better than Pakistan. What are you playing??? A game of cricket where you want to win over statistics!!! Injured are loaded in trucks and sent to hospitals and we say its not possible. Yes its not possible but then whats the fun to live in this country, why do we pay tax??? To get killed on the road or to give protection to these netas and kasabs!!

What is next? Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Goa, Shimla, it could be even Kharagpur, thats also crowded now!! So where are we safe?? If not then why do we trust these netas?? If we need to protect ourselves, then why do we pay them??

Years back I made a choice to stay back in this country and not migrate. Was I was wrong?? Is this place worth living?? Many such questions are now coming to my mind when I see this picture and think about our nation’s security. If I cannot live in peace here, I think its better I’ll rather not live!!

I was never scared to die, but today I am scared to live!!!!!





8 thoughts on “Is it Worth Living Here???

  1. Its disturbing! Only one song comes to my mind reading your post. Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hain, from Pyaasa. I don’t see any change happening in the future either. Our politicians are more busy saving themselves and hoarding finance.


  2. can’t expect anything more from the govt…they just give ghisey pitey rhetoric after such incidents…one solution is to privatize disaster management services…it pains deeply to see such images


  3. Afzal Guru, Kasab they all stay alive with VIP treatment from our govt. And then they ask Pakistan to punish 26/11 culprits. First do your own duty and get them hanged, not help them get free with providing lawyers and all.
    This is really depressing!



  4. so somebody ans me what is govt waiting for. world war 3 so some entire nation can be wiped out.

    aam janta suffers but the biggies they enjoy shows and what nots and all repeated comments, we condemn this that and all is forgotten till a new attack or natural calamity comes.


  5. And sad part is – not one alternative which is better over the other. No matter who you vote for, they are all the same.


  6. I fail to get why kasab and afzal are still being kept alive! Baba Ramdev gets beaten. Maybe he was wrong. But ques comes to mind, action against him can be taken. But not against kasab. My foot. And that digvijay. Someone need to give him a solid punch. He seem to be always talking favoring terrorists.


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