Few thing I intend to do…….

Before I’m going to kick the bucket, here’s the list of things which I intend to do before the ‘D’ day! Or maybe the ‘A’ day (admission into the hospital day) or ‘T’ day (turning into a vegetable day)

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  • I want to rent a room in the top most floor of Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, sit in the balcony (facing the sea) alone and be left like that for hours without anyone disturbing me.
  • I want to drive a speed boat (with tank full of fuel), all by myself, and I should take it deep inside the sea, without supervision. 😀
  • Something similar to the above wish – I want to ride a horse really fast and furious, with me wearing all kinds of Armour wear (troy style). (I hope there are some carnivals in some parts of the world which has such arrangements).
  • I want ‘Mutton Biryani’ from Pakwaan, Hyderabad, “Muglai” from Shiraj, Kolkata, “Prawn Curry” from Aheli, Kolkata, “Dil Bahaar Dopiaza” from Karim, Delhi, “Dal Bukhara” from Bukhara, Delhi, “Choco Frappe with Icecream” from CCD —— All at once, in the same place, at one go, I should have them all!!! 😛
  • I want to meet Johny Depp, in person. It will be Captain Jack Sparrow meeting his biggest fan!!
  • I want to win big in the stock market, just once as I’ll be investing there “Once” only. And the best part would be, my friends, broker and everyone should strongly suggest me to not do a certain thing, but I would go ahead, do it anyways and that will probably pay me of really well. Nothing will make you feel happier I say! =))
  • I want to sit in the cockpit along with the captain of an Airplane!
  • I want to be in the Engine room of a train. (This one might get fulfilled soon).
  • I want to go to Kedar Badrinath and Amarnath and stay there for few weeks.
  • Soon after my retirement, on the 1st Monday, I want to get up really early in the morning, and knowing that I don’t have to go to work, I should fall flat on the bed with full satisfaction/laziness and no guilt! (Today’s Monday, so you can guess why this wish).

Just ten wishes, simple ones too (hopefully). 😉 As and when I complete current items and come across new ones, I’ll update the list.





15 thoughts on “Few thing I intend to do…….

  1. Best is the foody one haha. Thats too good……..
    me too would love to see you riding the horse in armour. Thakur in battle gear 😀


    • Horse riding kiya hai, but never in Armour. =)) Ek baar try karna chahta hu but harse quality should be as I asked for. Warna no maza. 😉


  2. Nice wishes and hope they get fulfilled so that we gonna know about the next in line wishes.


    • Thanks Shubham. Hope I don’t end up “retired hurt” by the time I complete this list. 😛


  3. oi first of all u changed some things here in wordpress and i got confused where to write.

    second nice post bhaskar and about armour. i got u a better idea. there is show on tv chandragupta maurya. come as alexandar the great or mayb chandragupta maurya himself. u wud get the armour and all u need 😀

    and food mein mumbai ka vada pav kaise bhool gaye thakur saab


    • Yeh change to mujhe bhi aaj hi dikha. WordPress has done it themselves.

      Those shows will never have the horse I am asking for. 😉

      Vada Pav is not my fav. If I want anything from Mumbai, it would be muglai from Khymer. =)) But Shiraj’s Muglai beats even that so going with Shiraj.


      • but mumbai speciality is the street food which is vada pav. dont worry huygenic wala khila denge.

        and horse ka kya hai woh bhi aa jayega 🙂


        • Baat hygiene ka nahi. I just don’t like Vada pav or Pav Bhaji. 🙂 Street food to leta hu, who can beat golgappas and stuff. Hahaha. But the menu I want, these foods won’t go.


  4. Hahaha!!!!!!!
    When you are eating all those, can I join you ????
    Loved the color of the bucket !!!


    • You your joining I don’t mind much. Because you are not allowed these foods much. So I can be safe to have the major part. =))


  5. Nice food list… me ready to join..

    Lekin i feel wish list mein kuch kami hai… as u are facing all the challenges so ek challenge mere pass bhi hai 😉


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