Hope, Faith and Believe!!!!

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When you lose all hope in all that you believed in, there is nothing beyond it. No feelings. Not even despair. You just accept what life throws at you and then you realize few truths of life.

Last few days we went through hell of a time. Vivek fell down from his school stairs and broke the hip joint so badly that the doctor treating him gave up all hopes. They told us the kid will probably never stand up again on his feet. It left us all devastated. And then this very doctor decided to get another specialist and that specialist confirmed that it’s not so bad. He is sure beyond any doubt that Vivek will stand up again and walk, maybe not run around. But that would need lot of patience and hard work from all of us. Vivek would need to go through rigorous physiotherapy and that could at times even be painful and yes he might need more surgeries later on as he is in growing period. Responsibility will be on us to see he goes through the same and not give up.

Life really is a battle with just two choices – Walk on or Give up. I have decided to Walk On and not let Vivek also to give up. He may suffer but it would be for his good. Watching him, I may die a thousand deaths inside but we have just one life and I don’t want to give up so soon and neither let the kiddo do either. I want him to dream A LOT and realize all of them. Yes ALL!!!

Again I learned the lesson; if you are in a dark place right now, like us, pull yourself together. The longer you stay there, the harder it will get. Let us give life a couple of more chances, chances to smile and laugh.

And my special thanks to his doctors, especially the new one. He showed me today how a doctor can make so much difference to the patient and even patient family with his talks. After talking to us all he went up to Vivek and said – “My boy, I’ll see to it that you stand up again and walk. But you’ll have to help me too. You’ll have to follow everything I ask you to do and it could be painful, but you will never give up. You know till date I have done many similar surgery and all were successful. My exam marks now is 100/100. And if you don’t do what I ask then it’ll be 99/100. That would be sad right!!”

And Vivek’s smile told us all that he too has decided to Walk On. I know my little one cannot be weak and yes I am not giving up. He has to stand up and face the world with pride, head held high and I’ll make sure he does!!! A new battle and together I know we both can win even this one like many other earlier!!! Also thanks to all of you who passed their best wishes and prayed. It did work!!! Thank you all.





11 thoughts on “Hope, Faith and Believe!!!!

  1. Thakur Ka Putr hai Sir Ji… He is surely a strong boy… and all our support is always with you… Just be strong… as i said Keep faith and end of the day result will be good… I bet sooner or later he will run like superstar..

    Thanks to that Doctor, ek jhappi dedo 😀


  2. truly inspirational and dare I say, just what I needed to hear/ read. I am sure that Vivek will walk again, do everything he used to do and more and not cos the doctor said so, it’s because you believe! And that is more important than anything else in the world 🙂

    To the long life, health and happiness of the awesome twosome 🙂 You guys rock 🙂


  3. He is a brave boy. I too believe he will be fit soon, saying this after watching the determination you both showed today. We are there with you to lend any support you need. 🙂


  4. You guys can do it…i am so so sure. My chota thakur is strong n i know he will remain strong. Do pass him a big hug and tell him his chocolate is due and will be delivered this weekend when i am there.


  5. Wishing speedy recovery of Vivek. I am sure he will recover very very soon when you are with him. Yes,sometimes God comes in the form of Doctor and heals us, helps us.

    Take care!!! Everything is going to be alright!!!


  6. Every such incident make my belief in god more strong! Keep up the spirit BT. 🙂


  7. I agree with Ahmed Bhai … he is a Strong Boy just like his Chachu and am sure he would do it for himself and for you Bhai.
    And we are here to support you and him always.

    God Bless him and Yes Spl Thanks to the Doctor too.


  8. Bhaskar…I am really speechless. Days have been really rough on you..but you are truly inspirational to me..and I dont mean this any wrong way..you dedication and motivation is something to learn..I loved what you said “Again I learned the lesson; if you are in a dark place right now, like us, pull yourself together. The longer you stay there, the harder it will get. Let us give life a couple of more chances, chances to smile and laugh.” You try to bring a light not only in your life, but share the light with others. I am truly honored to be your friend and feel I have so much to learn from you.

    You and Vivek will be in my thoughts of prayers. Take care!!!!


  9. Wish Vivek a speedy recovery >:D<. Fast and Furious, Up and Walking and then soon be Running too INSHALLAH.

    Good to know BB you are ready to face any challenges in life, put forward to you, no matter how harsh they are. Indeed you're a source of inspiration and motivation for us all even; especially Vivek.

    Always try and remember everyone in my prayers but from today onwards special ones for Vivek and his recovery :D. May God bless the little one and give him good health and a long life.

    Take care of yourself too because Chote Thakur ka khayaal rakhne ke liye Bade Thakur ko apna khyaal bhi rakhna chaiye.


  10. Joy comes in small rivulets, sorrow in big waves….but if you ride the waves then the rivulets quench your thirst like no other.

    Very proud of you both. Very.


  11. Vivek will definitely reach the milestone.Keep faith and walk along.

    Best of luck to both of you !!!


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