The Creek!!!!

It is said the beauty of life manifests fullest in the way the creek flows. This creek contains fresh water without mud. And this same creek contains clean water without taints. With its water, this creek bring to life every single life which is eager to live. Just no difference – It is like a mother nurturing her beloved baby!!!

Sometimes there comes calamity, whereas the flow of the creek is distracted. But not to feel much sadness, cause the prayers and the cryings of the needies will always redirect the flow of the creek back into groove. Because over there lies its eternal servitude.

And in its servitude to life lies its eternal happiness!!!

In our life too, in order to move on and live it with purpose, we need to find that water fountain where our creek begin.

Well jotted down just few random thoughts that were running in the mind. Nothing serious!!! πŸ™‚





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