An individual, so unique and so very special.


There are days when I take everything in stride. I accept the truth but there also are days when I am unable to still believe you are simply gone. It seems like you were there just yesterday and we made it through the rise of dawn. But the life in you had to part its way. And on this day you left my side Bhaisa leaving me alone to face everything. I still remember that fateful day when I sat all night and tamed myself from wanting to scream! Holding on to you so tight hoping for this to be only a dream. All I could do was staring at you. Craving for a comeback, I knew it was impossible. It was all so true, that goodbye to you, this painful fact that’s hardly plausible even today!!

I don’t know what to say, it’s all been said before. And I don’t know where you are. All I know is you’re far and you’re not coming back if this is how it goes.  I still remember your face, because I don’t want to forget it. Your memories are still fresh in my mind. I still remember those eyes of yours; I still remember the songs you sung I still remember your footsteps growing louder. I still remember the happiness you gave me, which always brought a smile on my face.  I still remember every moment we spent together, and know I will never have it again!

Sadness comes to me every time I breathe, every time I think of you. To hear your voice so deep so sure!! The confidence you yourself had, advises you gave!!! The silliness, the laughter you would bring in me, it was unique in many different levels.

These things I miss!!! An individual, that was and still is, in my heart so unique and so very special – My Brother!!!





11 thoughts on “An individual, so unique and so very special.

  1. He is there watching you. He loved you to the core, how can he leave you. You just need to feel him!


  2. Awwwwwww.. I know how it feels losing loved ones, all I can say your Brother is part of you and always wl be with you and waiting for you in heaven.. He is sooo handsome..


  3. I still feel bad that i could not be with you that day! 😦
    We love you too, maybe nt like he did. Yet, we do! And a lot!


  4. People who love never leave your side even if they leave this world…..and same must be true with your bro. It must be hard for you, and i can jst pass my huggggssss! We are there with you!


  5. Its very normal tht you feel bad, hell to be specific. But never feel yourself to be alone. We might not be same as your bro. Neither can anyone take his place. But we are many who can promise you to be there for you.


  6. He was a gem of a person. Miss him.
    Big hug Bhaskar. We are there with you, know we cant replace. Still we are there and u just need to look on your side yaar!


  7. Best Tribute anyone can pay to our special persons is spreading the joy ,knowledge doing the things which we derived from that special persons to all the other persons.
    You are a wonderful Bhai to several Sisters/ Brothers. May be you are a BEST Bro to somany because you share all the best you got from your wonderful Brother!!! What more Bhaskar!! What can be more happiness to your Brother than this!!! I am sure he is very proud of you…am Sure Vivek does get all the affection you got from your Brother..through you 🙂
    Take care..God Bless You…


  8. Know that you are loved, by those who are in spirit, and those who are in body. Always.

    It would have been wonderful to know him in person…but judging by what you hae grown up to be, I can be sure that he could not have been too different.


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