Every Day is Mother’s Day ’cause they are God’s gift.

If life hands you lemons, make lemon­ade”, so the say­ing goes. Well, our mothers some­what know bet­ter ingre­di­ents than just lemons and she can whip up a fab­u­lous feast, a sump­tu­ous buf­fet spread of all the joys of life and priv­i­lege us to par­take, nour­ished by her care and concern. Mother is the Greatest Gift GOD has given to Mankind. She is the Umbrella that protects us from the all worldly storms. HER Shelter is the Safest Place of this World!!!

Maasa and Myself

When I think of Maasa one thought always come to my mind – How could so much energy and life be packed into such a petite frame? What was the source of her indomitable spirit? I believe that it was her faith. Hers was not a faith pro­fessed merely on the lips. Hers was a “true grit” faith lived out every sin­gle day of her life. It was shaped and forged through her jour­ney through all of life’s great­est joys and deep­est dis­ap­point­ments. Her faith was what empow­ered her in her many bat­tles. Her strength and energy were often employed in sup­port and defense of her loved ones. She was gen­er­ous with her time and spirit, always giv­ing of her­self to her loved ones. She was a great enabler and encourager. She lived life to the fullest and appre­ci­ated the finer things in life. Most of all, she enjoyed peo­ple, reach­ing out to them and con­nect­ing with them.

But best of all as far as I am concerned – She cov­ered me all in prayer, every sin­gle day!!

Mother’s love is something that is very, very special. It’s something that’s really impossible to explain. Her love is something that is made up of much deep devotion, joy, pain and sacrifice. Endless and unselfish and it endures whatever may come. It is something that fills you with hopes, dreams, tears and pleasure, which in turn helps you walk along this world with your head held high. Her love never fails or falters even though the heart might be breaking. It always believes when all the rest of the world might be condemning. A Mother’s love is a splendored miracle. It is something that cannot be measured, for it has no beginning or no end.


Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!! You all are a gentle affection to hold and to embrace and words never get exhausted praising your names!! Special wishes for few of the great mom’s I know, Anitha, Barnalidi, Ritudi, Nehadi, Apra, Sangeetadi, and not to mention Sonu and Nimmo, Kavitadi, my dear Bhabhiji who even after all her worldly work done never leave a chance to pull my leg and so many others.

And very, very special wishes for Minniedi who never even once failed to pull me up or push me forward when I would go down. Didi you are probably the only one I think of when I am in trouble. ‘Cause I know you will surely have a solution for them. And you do!!! It was Maasa and now you that I share everything and confess to. You have been like the wind of unknown strength with unbreakable wall of words building my courage always. And when I was fighting for my life, when even many from my own family showed their back, you stood by me. It was not easy I know, yet you did everything you could to give me a new lease of life and took me in family. And each time you addressed me as your son; it really made me feel special and wanted!!! As Sree Maa always says, you are the one who I should thank for giving this new life. You are probably the vessel God chose to assemble my very existence in this second life. And for as long as the sun shines you will be the light of my life. I thank you for being like a mother from the dawn of my failures and through the journey of my successes in these past many years. There are no words truly descriptive of your significance in every aspect of my current life. You are the one person on this whole earth who really understood me. Thanks for being there always Didi when I needed you and more importantly when I was taking all my important decisions. “YOU ARE THE PERFECT BLEND OF A MOTHER AND A FRIEND”.  Love you Didi and Please be always with me.





18 thoughts on “Every Day is Mother’s Day ’cause they are God’s gift.

  1. bhaskar your posts always make me feel more in awe of you.
    what to say but you have said all about a mother and her feelings and love.
    god bless you always


  2. Another great piece of ‘Random Thoughts’. =D> And your picture with your Maasa is a kodak moment. Simply picture perfect and so adorable.

    Salute to all the Mothers God has sent to this world till date.


  3. Man you do know how to touch the soft cords of heart. Wonderful thoughts, and very nicely compiled. Hats off.

    Happy mothers day from Daniel from Vancouver to all mothers who visit the page!


  4. U do know how to make our day special…u do so everyday and these few day’s, u make it so extra spl. Thanx BT.


  5. Thank you so so much bhaskar! Lovely touching article, makes mothers feel special for sure.

    Lovely pic of urs with your mom. Very precious am sure!


  6. The way you put your words in front of others has a direct approach towards their heart…!
    Happy mothers day to all the mommy’s out there 🙂


  7. You are truly like your maasa, giving everyone the gift of love and appreciation. Everytime I read something you have written about your maasa,I get teary eyed. What a lovely picture of your mom and you.


  8. I read, and re-read. And re-read again. I have no words. I thought and thought, what to write. The only thing that comes to mind is how beautiful your mother was, and how beautifully she brought you up. How beautiful a person she must have been, who could give birth to such a pure and beautiful soul. I have done nothing to compare with her, or even be mentioned in the same place as her. I wish I could tell her how proud we all are of the person you have become. Generous, courageous, loving,sensitive, kind hearted, and helpful beyond belief. You make all mothers feel extra special. May God bless every mother with a child like you.
    PS: Would you please give some training to Neil and Aryan? They badly need it 😀
    Love you always bro!


  9. Oye, that is auntiji with you in the pic? Man, she looks so different and so wet and the look of concentration on your face!!!
    If it was me – the umbrella would have been on the right or left of my head but never covering it!!!! I love to get wet , hehe even now !!!!


    • Oye tum kaunsa picture dekh rahae ho Bhaisaab mere. =)) Its the B&W one of myself and Maasa.

      As for getting wet, YES me too love that. Praying for rains yaar. I need to get wet today warna this heat will kill me for sure.


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