The solution, if its a “Solution”!!!

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Raat akeli hai, Bujh gaye diye, Aake mere paas, Kaano mein mere, Jo bhi chahe kahey”. Don’t even think for a moment I am talking about “Them”. I am talking about my biggest enemy, the blood sucking parasites – Mosquitoes!!

It just needs to get dark and from nowhere these vampires would land up in my room and start singing all Himesh Reshamiya Mika songs. How I wish they could be among those who have no idea about how to make others suffer with Insomnia. At times they are even invisible. Blood sucking parasites turning into “Blood sucking Vampires”!!

Mosquito instigated Insomnia made me sit up but had no idea what to do. Thought of writing an essay for a contest being held here, topic being “India and its Diversity”! I started off as – “India is a big diverse country with mountains in the north and ocean on south. West has desert while…..blah blah!” After just a para I realized the essay looked more like written by a Class fifth student. Maybe mosquitoes were not just sucking my blood but also basic common sense intelligence!

Keeping the essay aside I started thinking on this new trouble. How to tackle it such that even Menaka Gandhi would be tempted to give me the National Animal Lover award? “Getting rid of mosquitoes without killing them”! Here are few of the theories I could work out with. You have more, please do add to help mankind from these blood suckers!!

  1. Mosquitoes somehow always end up entering the mosquito nets and then feed on us. How about making a hole in the net which can be closed tight when needed and now sit inside. Let the “Vampires” enter the net and now the skill part. The vampires would be around and on you. You’ll need to push them aside and jump out of the net after closing the opening you made in the net. All those small vampires inside the net and you can now sleep peacefully outside.
  2. And if you feel you cannot manage the skill part then you can always try this. Get a life size model of yours made. It should look real. Put this model inside the “Holed” mosquito net and you go out of the room. After 10 or so minutes just go in and close the hole again. Believe it will take just that much time for those parasites to attack the model.
  3. Last and could be risky though. Let them bite you. After sucking your blood he’ll be full and won’t bite again.

**All the above conditions apply when your door and windows are kept closed after darkness falls.





13 thoughts on “The solution, if its a “Solution”!!!

  1. And I thought my bro got a you know who. 😉 haha.
    Good one. Kaha se yeh ideas lata hai tu?


  2. hahahaa mosquitoes and bhaskar ka rishta purana.. only u can dedicate a post to mosquitoes

    hehehe too good


  3. Mosquitoes ke liye apka itna pyar dekh mera dil bhar aaya …..
    Srsly Inhein Itna importance aaj thak shayad hi kissine diya hoga jitna aap de rahe ho. And i loved the last point u give … let them bite and once they are full they wont get back. But you know what bhai … yaha machchron ka population zyada hai, unhein khoon dete dete humare liye do bottle extra mangwana padega=))

    But Good One i must say!


    • Last option ke liye bhi condition apply kiya hai na. So if alls closed the total would remain same. 😉


  4. Hahahahahahahaha……..kya baat hay! You and machchar make briliant jodi here in this blog. 😀


  5. Hahahahahhahahhahahahahahaaa!!! Hillarious!!!!

    Why don’t U burn good night? The fumes kill quite a lot of them.


  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Got a good laugh early morning. Thanks! 🙂 Too good, keep it up man.


  7. Hahaha ….. This one is too good!!!!
    I an even hear the mosquitos war cry – ‘ Thakuuuur !!!! Mein tera khoon pee jayunga !!!! Hahaha


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