The Power of “Tongue”.

“Think twice before you say something” is what the quote say. But I would rather say, think 10 times before you say ‘something’. And atleast once after you say that thing. Because words are like bullets!!!

Getting into one’s good books is the most difficult task. You spend weeks/months/years to do that, but spoiling it, it takes just one second. Maybe even a fraction of a second! Just a wrong “Word” and poof, it goes down the drains.

The most powerful word in English is – Sorry.

This word is so powerful that, it can change any situation to a favourable/good one! And of course, it requires a lot of courage (real) to say this. But trust me, it’s worth it. And people like to hear it.


This is not applicable for the following 2 types of “Sorry”.

1) The ‘sarcastic sorry’ – That’s abuse.

2) “I’ll do anything I want and get away with a sorry” sorry – Now that’s misuse.

Another word which is my favourite – “Please”!! With this simple word you can get your work done in a much easier way than it is meant to be! Now tell me, who won’t like you, if you say ‘please’ with a smile on your face?

Swear words – I rather prefer not to use them!!!

Hate words – NEVER.

They say that the tongue is the most powerful weapon. In my opinion, it’s like an animal, tame it! You’ll be proud of it! You’ll love it. It’s also a prisoner, as ferocious/dangerous as ‘Hannibal Lector’.  Think before you let him out. Sometimes its better not to let him out, remember the damage Dr. Lector could do!!!

Even when you are left with nothing else in this world, you’ll still have words with you. You can count on them! Last but not the least – Words have the power to take anyone’s heart away – Sweet words, Lovely words, Awesome words!!

Listen to this song. An awesome song telling what “Words” can do. Posting the video with lyrics included.




7 thoughts on “The Power of “Tongue”.

  1. OMG! I am sure you’ll agree i needed this lesson most bhaskar haha.

    Very very good one. I so agree to the points. Words can make break relations, hurt someone to length unimaginable.


  2. wow
    u know what they say in hindi zubaan se nikla hua shabd aur dhanush se nikla hua teer waapas nahi aate
    its so apt there


    • Yes. Apt hindi one. Words can actually hurt you more than hitting with danda.


  3. I always think “next time i would think n then Talk” next comes but i forget the latter part.

    I deffo hate it bhai when ppl say “Sorry” “Please” just to get thier work done. Its insulting. Much more than even giving abuses. But then world is made up of such people.


  4. Very nice article. Words once out cannot be pulled back. It can pierce ones heart to make a permanent mark. Now its up to us to decide to leave a mark full of pain or one bringing a smile.

    Sorry do needs courage. Many feel it can make them show as a weakling. But its just the opposite. Only person with really strong mindset can feel and confess a sorry.


  5. Hmmmm, i was wondering kaha gayab ho !!!
    A big smile please thank you = life made !!!!


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