The “Game” is really OVER!!!!

I have a confession to make – I have committed a “Crickrime”. I watched “Game” the movie instead of watching Mumbai Indians first IPL “Game”.  Of late I have been feeling a bit reckless. After the Ravan fiasco watching Bachhua’s movie is always risky business. Me, I hate taking risks alone and I’m always looking for co-victims. So, I laid out my trap, dangled a few carrots, made sickly sweet promises and managed to trap not one but two bakras – Uttam and Arijitda.

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Morning when I read Game’s review in the TOI, my heart sank deeper than the Titanic.  When someone like Nikhat Kazmi, a critic who praises every trashy movie under the filmy sun, pans a new release – you can’t help but feel distraught!! What have I gotten myself into?  Should I turn up my collar, look shady and try to sell my tickets to unsuspecting strangers? Come on, it has Farhan Akhtar at the helm of matters, it can’t be that bad!  After a long animated discussion with “Me and Myself”, it was decided that we will go ahead like the crew of Star Trek – to boldly go where no man has gone before. Aye aye captain!!!

The hall was packed if you didn’t look beyond the last three rows and we had two smelly men who were in love with the sound of their voice sitting right behind.  Arijitda in his sternest prof like voice asked them to shut up or move to the front rows.  It worked like magic.

Game, directed by Abhinay Deo is a suspense drama.  A billionaire, Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) invites the four lead characters to his private island in Greece.  The lead characters are multinational but their “Dil is phir bhi Hindustani” – Aby baby from Istanbul, badly in need of a shave. Gillette better take note.  Boman Irani an aspiring prime ministerial candidate from Thailand with perpetually raised eyebrows and a spooky surname – Ramsay,  Jimmy Shergil a perspiring film star with a haunted past from where else but Mumbai and Shahana Goswani – a journalist from London who loves her drink too much.   It turns out they have all been involved in the life and death of Malhotra’s long lost daughter Maya (Sarah Jane) and the reclusive tycoon is totally put off with them.  He offers them vintage wine and then drops the bombshell (thou shalt go to prison) and none of them end up having that precious wine!! What a colossal waste.

And then enters the death angle into the story or to be specific murder!!! The IVS (International Vigilance Squad) comes swooping in and it’s then you are confounded with the eternal truth – you can escape from India but you cannot escape Indians.  Even the chief investigating officer Sia Agnihotri (Kangana Ranaut) of an international agency and her incredibly dumb deputy are desis.  No wonder the firangis hate us, we have taken all their jobs! The story now takes off with why-he-done-it and gradually changes to whodunit.

Comedy – Kangana Ranaut looking all earnest, twirling her pen furiously and erupting into – I jusst dun’t bilivvv this!  Well Kangana, I don’t believe this either!

As per Uttam, the “Tragedy” was to see a wine as old as old as Thomas Jefferson going waste.  Really! Couldn’t Anupam Kher have behaved better as a host and let his guests enjoy their wine in peace rather than pieces?  And seriously guys couldn’t you have just drunk the damn wine before shattering your glasses?

AND the BIGGEST HORROR – Seeing Abhishekh Bacchan without his shirt!!

Real Suspense of the movie – “Mr Idea” magically loses weight when he breaks into OP Ramsay’s office and just as quickly regains it when he takes his monkey cap off. The weight is over!

Climax – Even a Farhan Akhtar can pen lame dialogues.  Sample this; Question- Aajkal aap kam nazaar aate hain.  Retort – Apne kabhi chasmaa lagane kaa sochaa hai?

Verdict – If you can ignore Abhishek’s leftover Ravan antics and not squirm at Kangana’s funny accented English, Game is still not a paisa vassol watch. The plot was too far-fetched and twin-obsessed. And a cool watch if you are looking for style tips or planning a trip to foreign locales.

Conclusion – Will definitely plan a trip to Istanbul next summer.





6 thoughts on “The “Game” is really OVER!!!!

  1. Openly bakra bulata hain. hahaha. Seriously this is a bad movie. Time Abhishek start signing some good films and not these crap ones.


  2. hahahh hahahh ahahahhahah hahahah hahaha haha

    how do i get that rofl emo here

    seriously ur post seems more interesting than the movie review u gave..

    hmm and i thought it was real thriller going by promos


  3. hahahahahaha………best to enjoy the movie thru this review rather going to a cinema hall. Why Abhi baby why? why do u hav to break my heart…why not sign something gud man! 😦


  4. You know what? After watching a lot of crap in recent times, I actually might give this a chance.


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