The “Love” and “Hate” relationship!!!

Dear God

I know I am known for changing my mind now and then. I know you have made me this way that I am almost always confused about what I should do and say. I always look for MY fault in everything that goes wrong. I will not ask you WHY you chose me for being so, I just want to tell you a couple of things though, and things I have not said in a long-long time.

I guess me and you; we did not have a conversation for a long time. I have noticed that when I am doing things that somewhere will surely get wrong, ME and YOU, our conversation STOPs. You stop giving me signs and I also stop talking to you.

Sorry to say my Dearest Friend, you too are confused, just like me. I mean, come on! Who throws you in a pool of happiness and then plans to burn you alive? YOU!  🙂

Anyways, coming back to our relationship now; why do you play games with me? Am I your favourite pawn or maybe you feel I am one of the best players around. I sometimes suspect that YOU fear me. You fear that someday I will just survive almost every trash you throw in my direction and precisely this is the reason you keep breaking me up time after time.

No worries. I love you just the way you love me. I guess me and you, we love each other way too much and thus we end up in this hating match at times. But its okay, it is important for a healthy relationship.

Today, I have so many things to say. But the foremost thing would be — THANK YOU. I am thankful to you for so many things –

  • My family. You did take the major ones away yet made sure to give the best ones. What am I today, credit due to them!
  • Minniedi and family. Fine you took few away but gave me few others I can call my family and again the best ones. Special thanks for the same.
  • My friends. I can count them on my finger tips and I call them my brothers and sisters. Courtesy you, few have stood by me always through thick and thin. So again a special thanks.
  • This beautiful life. The right to breathe!
  • For wonderful opportunities and the challenges.
  • For all the testing time you made go through last few years, because this is what made me who I am now. It made me learn one important lesson of life – How to move on!
  • For keeping my faith intact in goodness and being nice. (Although, it’s bit shaken now!)
  • For keeping me sane, even after all that happened.
  • For that certain element of madness you injected in me that keeps me going. That makes me thrive harder.
  • For almost all the good things and some of the bad things too.
  • For all the people who made my life heaven by BEING there and some of them by NOT being there.

Today, I also have something else to say, I need you. I need you so bad that I had to write the following part up.

  • Please help me move on always without looking back.
  • Please help me accept that I Trusted and it does not matter if the people I trusted were right or wrong. What is important is that I “TRUSTED”.
  • Please help me accept that I don’t need to prove it to anyone how good I am, how worthy I am and how loyal I am.
  • Please help me survive this too.
  • Please bless me with strength, peace of mind and a will to walk with my head held high.
  • Please stand next to me and whisper “Walk on Bhaskar. You CAN” when I feel like I will give up.
  • Please keep my dreams and hopes alive.
  • Please help those who love me and always stand by me.
  • Please just be there for me, right now. I need you. Let us talk everyday!
  • Please help me embrace happiness and sadness, failure and victory with same amount of poise and humility.

I love you and I am not scared to admit that. Thanks for being there. I know you will help me sail through. I TRUST YOU!!!





9 thoughts on “The “Love” and “Hate” relationship!!!

  1. Good one Junior! Loved it, really!

    Move on and that has been, should also be the mantra of life.


  2. no BT do not ever loose hope on being nice……not all are the same! do not let that faith get shaken!

    Loved reading though… straight from the heart!


  3. hm sort of eye opener here

    so many times i feel my trust and faith shaken and i get all negative thoughts. this is making me think of my life also.. thanks for sharing bhaskar
    i guess time to talk to u has come now
    let me catch u soon on gtalk


  4. Me Agrees!
    Thats what i do now. If the World doesnt change i change my path. Compromise karna seekh liya.

    And I always do this but wanna Thank him again so….
    Thank You Mr. God for giving me some of The Most precious ppl in my life. Infront of this all the problems of my life are nothing.
    So thanks a Tonne for them.

    And Great Post Bhai


  5. What a lovely post yaar. 🙂 And good you put it up. HE is the greatest friend of ours. and we have every right to fight with him. He tests us but always make sure to provide the support so that we don’t break down.
    And you need not prove yourself man. We know what you are, and pray you stay the way you are. We love you from the core of our heart!

    Let me also thank the same god for giving me a friend like you Bhaskar!


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