The six week “Euphoric” journey ends with a Sixer!!!

I don’t even know how to begin this post! We did it. We won the ICC World Cup. And as Queen would have said – “We are the champions my friend! We shall be fighting until the end. We are the champions. We are the champions of the World!”

Before the final I had 3 wishes – India to win, SRT to get the 100th century and Murali to sign off with a wicket off his last international ball. Only the first one happened. And that’s all was required isn’t it!!

This WC when I got hooked up to the tournament, what I saw was not single man trying hard. But a Team!!! When batting, for every wicket that fell, there were others giving the shoulder. When fielding, every ball would be chased by more than one. It was not one man carrying the Atlas role but 22 hands helping each other to keep India intact. Thanks to Gary Kirsten, for giving us this team. It was a sight to watch after the match how the support staff walked arm in arm behind the Indian team and then Kohli and Raina carrying Kirsten around the stadium.

Football is something I watch round the year. I still love it more than Cricket. It’s a beautiful game! But cricket do come very close behind. I do spend time with it and have many savory moments with the game. I can never forget the “Desert Storm” innings of Sachin in Sharjah against Ausies, the epic Natwest series and Dada’s shirt waving at Lords, Kumble’s perfect 10, VVS-Rahul epic innings at Eden, six sixes by Yuvi, the T-20 WC win, there are too many! And they all have always brought a proud feeling of being an Indian.

The winning Sixer by Dhoni

This world cup had everything of what you would call bollywood potpourri. It had a loss, it had a struggle, it had wishes, it had hope, it had tears, it had that fight, it had that resilience and it had that come back! From league matches to Australia, to Pakistan and finally Sri Lanka, India did beat every other previous world champion to show the mettle they are made of. Dhoni led from the front as a captain. He put himself in the middle of the biggest game of his life and charmed it, coaxed it, cajoled it and finally when it was almost his, brought out his biggest shot. He saved his best for the last and sealed the victory with a straight six. The leader everyone wants, and not just for a sporting team.

Last World Cup played at home ended in “Tears” of Kambli. This time around it also ended in tears but of a different note. The one of happiness!

Final has been a big day for even Simon Taufel. Simon Taufel finally was able to stand in a World Cup final, because Australia failed to qualify. This must be one weird feeling. Taufel must be the only Australian cricket personality who gets benefited when Australia doesn’t perform well.

Mahela Jayawardene became the first man to be part of the losing side after scoring a century in the final. Still this was one of the great innings of the tournament (though later got eclipsed by the efforts of Gambhir & Dhoni). The innings also provided a nice little family scene with his wife imploring him to bat on after he had reached his half-century. And the man made sure to actually listen to his wife. SL was no less but as Sangakara said, to beat this new Team India even 350 might prove short. Farewell to Murli, a True Legend!

2nd April 3, 2011is the day when history got created and I am I am sure many Indian like me, felt the numbness! This is the new Indian Team. A team that believes it can do it, it stays calm under the leadership of an equally calm “Ice-Man”, and it has learned to accept and fight the pressure.

Anhoni ko honi karde, honi ko unhoni..ek jagah jab jama ho teeno – Rajni, Gajni aur hamara Dhoni!!! Historical moment and excitement unimaginable!

It was hell of Six weeks. Days spent with few like Arpan, Nikunj Bhaiya, Himanshu, Aditi, Pachu, Juhi, Preeti, Mango, Uttam, Shantanuda, Shagun, Anku, Mehak, Al, Bhaijaan, Prateek, Rakesh, Anitha, Gagan,Vinu Bhai, Reema and so many more was just awesome. Best were the messages I would get from Pachu and Juhi at stages when India was on back-foot – “Bhaiiiiiiiii….kya hoga… me tensed…” To swallow the tension myself and tell them with confidence that we’ll win the game needed lot of guts as I was so sure I am lying, we can lose any moment. Hahahaha. And I knew a loss meant Tsunami of tears landing in my inbox. There were the frustrated messages during a match bashing Mahi or Sree or Nehra by Preeti, Uttam or Reema. All this gave a feeling of super excitement and euphoria! Above all, it felt wonderful to be together and cheer India, to share the tense moments and happy ones after every win. It made this tournament more special for me!!

Well done INDIA, Congrats to all INDIANS!!! We are THE World Champions now!!!!





9 thoughts on “The six week “Euphoric” journey ends with a Sixer!!!

  1. Actually. Now when i think about those moments i have a Smile in my face and tears in eyes. It was surely one BEST moments and what made it Really Special was ydays VICTORY:-). Nothing can beat the Happiness and the Pride we have after ydays Match.

    And let me Confess here, Sree and Nehra bashing and Dhoni bashing in particular:P was just for the Game. They are part of the Team and I do respect them for playing for our Country.

    But WE WON the World Cup and thats Enough for Me. Thanks to all who supported Us all through this Moment at FB. You all were just SUPERB n Great just like our TEAM!

    Jai Hind!


  2. What a period this had been man! Totally fantastic. And yes it did turn more wonderful with all of us turning up together on a match and follow it ball by ball.

    Uttam and his comments for Nehra were the best. haha.

    This one win has brought in a unity which is rarely seen. Whole nation is together today dancing. Holi and Diwali is still going on besides the non stop parties! Proud to be an Indian!


  3. De ghuma ke………..and india did just that! How proud am i feeling. It feels too too good!!

    And yeah, your choice of words is too good. Too well expressed!


  4. Good one and well expressed the feeling of us all. Best is the Simon part, so true. 😉


  5. Hahahahahahha……..
    It was fun very very true andfun still going on! What a weekend this has been after few nerve wrecking ones. 😛
    And best was the way we all indians had been together across the globe to cheer and yup even jeer or team members. Haha.


  6. What fun and tension filled 6 w2eeks it was!!!!! And icing on the cake, the cup being ours. Feel so so proud. And like indian team, we all too formed good team. Supporting each other hahaha.


  7. Of all the headlines and titles all over electronic and paper media, your Post Title is my favorite for the day :D. So apt to the situation and moment.

    I would be lieing if i don’t admit that on 19th Feb 2011, when the tournament kick-started with a magnificent performance by India, seeing the 370 total on board and a high-class 175 by Virender Sehwag, deep down in my heart i had a feeling that maybe this time round they are here to clinch it, no matter what.

    They have done it and won it. Heartily, congratulations to Team India and people of India. The Blues are very very very lucky to pick up this trophy on their home ground and especially Tendulkar to pick it up in his hometown.


  8. It really was fun unlimited…….and this final proved i am not always the reason for India’s fall. = )) I watched the finals yet Ind won. 😛


  9. woohoo i was waiting for ur post bhaskar. i knew fb wud be having dhamaal and i was glued to tv. i dont watch full matches at all, i see end 10overs and it was fantastic feeling, i have never danced crazy the day i danced like some possessed person. i was so happy for sachin that i started crying. ok good ur inbox was not filled with my tears. dhoni expression priceless. bt this cup belonged to india from the day it began..


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