Breach of Privacy

See the following image, click to enlarge it to see the face of the “Hero” and his “Cool” dialogue!

This guy’s name is Neil Patel (he is a NRI I guess), and he is a web entrepreneur of some sort. I visited his blog a few days ago to check out some article.

Now what happened is, after a couple of days of visiting his website, his **creepy** face started appearing on every website I accessed – Times of India, Economic Times, and many more! First I thought the guy must have started publicizing his blog to Indians too, but then I observed a strange pattern in these ads!

After I visit his blog, these ads disappear for about 2 days, and then again they are splashed everywhere!! It means, this guys website quicksprout – (Don’t Visit!) is installing some trojan cookie or virus on my computer that is reporting back to his servers that I have not visited his website from past 2 days!! And then based on that, his advertisement servers are displaying his face to me everywhere!!

Upon further investigation, I came to know that Neil Patel and internet marketers like him are using spammy companies like ReTargeter  (Don’t visit their website or else they will start spamming your screen too!!) These companies are installing trojan cookies in your computers and keep a track of your web surfing!!

Where the hell did a thing named Privacy go? Who gave rights to companies like ReTargeter or people like Neil Patel to intrude my privacy or my surfing history? More than that, why should I be forced to look at his “Creepilicious Face”, with such an Excellent Hairstyle and read – “Be cool like Neil Patel” every single time I open Times of India!!

Frankly speaking, there is a barber who sits just outside my apartment building (Yes, roadside barber!), he gives a much better haircut for just 15 Rupees. I guess people will look more cool by visiting that barber instead of your website!

I think you are in a serious need of a reality check Mr Patel!

But more than that, friends please do be careful when you visit such sites. Clicking on every other advt to check some interesting site can turn costly especially these “Business blogs”. We did a random check on such sites (few even reputed ones) and almost all showed to be infected with Trojans and Malwares, of the type which acts more like spywares on your PC. They use these companies to get more traffics who mostly use Trojans to get access of your internet activity. Check before clicking any advt, see who is it “Powered” through. If it’s Google, go ahead without any hesitation. Rest, it’s in best interest of our PC-health, to avoid.

Now let me go and give a “Face Lift” to my machine and free it of Patel-Face!





12 thoughts on “Breach of Privacy

  1. only a genius like u cud come up with this


    seriously spyware malware etc r making computers life hell


    • MD … i wish aapke post mein bhi woh STARS hote tho me would have given u 5 Stars for the 1st LINE u wrote:)


      • hahahaha preeti for a moment i was foxed ki kya kah rahi ho, yeh bhaskar ke saath hamesha meri batti gul rahti hai. 🙂


  2. Every damn sites has this yukkkiest adds flashing ..

    Thanks Bhai. Now would be more careful from them


    • Not all advt are bad. The ones powered by google are safe. Google does not allow advts of sites which carry Trojans. But others have no such T&C.


  3. Seriously man, you know how to make serious issues light and funny!

    Internet surfing seems nice, but one need to be careful what sites to visit. Most of the advertisement sites related to small business have this same prob.


    • More than general sites we found its the blog based templates which are showing this problem.


    • Yes they do. But when you click a google recognised advt site, they are safe. Google has a policy never to accept sites with Tracking cookies or trojans. And neither do they themselves put these cookies.


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