What happiness mean to me!!!!

Book Fair entrance gate - 2010

The Kolkata book fair starts today and like every year, I would be visiting the same today. This is one occasion which I try not to miss. The very thought of visiting the fair makes me feel upbeat. And when on such an upbeat state of mind you get a lovely mail early morning, it’s icing on the cake. Well, could be even much more than icing!! This post I dedicate to Minniedi, the person who taught me how to be happy and again today as so many times, she really made my day special.

Happiness can mean different things to different people. It can also mean different things to the same person at different moments.

Well I wonder what it means to me.

My moment of happiness makes me feel on top of the world, gives me the momentary confidence that I have it in me to win the world. Well ‘MY’ world.

The man in the mirror without even a shave looks perfectly fine, just the way I love it.

The outfit that didn’t fit well looks great on me that day and I seem not to find any problem in wearing anything that’s not blue. =)) The mind seems to be without any fear and the head is held high, well that makes me look a few inches taller too and well needless to say slimmer. 😉

Everything gives me this sudden appetite for life!! The life I will have to lead for the next few decades or so. Appetite for life!!! The one summarized truth about what happiness can do to me, happiness or moments of it, makes me regain my Appetite for My Life, for the LIFE of my LOVED ones. Happy is what happy does, indeed!!!

Enough of my blabbering, well I had to kill the time till fog cleared and we can start on our journey for the Book fair!!! 🙂





9 thoughts on “What happiness mean to me!!!!

  1. nice one bhai but true 2
    When ur happy suddenly everything around u seems gud
    Like w8ing 4 the bus @ bus stand i was thinking what do i do now? And i see ur blog update which made me happy


  2. the most important thing be happy always 🙂

    The mind seems to be without any fear and the head is held high. now where did i read this before eh

    enjoy and smile be happy 😀


  3. Happiness comes in various forms for each individual. As you perfectly mentioned it bhai, it can mean different to the same person at different moments in time. I wish the book fair is fun 😉

    Do let me know of any good books (thillers/crime) as i like those types more. Reminds me…i need to pick up the books again. Last i read was the twlight and the new moon.


  4. Happiness means diff for every individual. But for all it finally has the same result as you mentioned, it gives appetite to live!

    Nice post, liked it a lot. Keep up the spirit and attitude.


  5. So, how was the bookfair? Still feeling ‘happy’ or ‘ very very happy’. Jokes aside , a happy ‘you’ is what we all wish for !!!


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