Is Big Always Better….?

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This article of mine got printed in a local magazine here called Janachintan. I am attaching the scanned page of the same and also posting the whole article in text after taking permission for doing so from the publishers.


Studies after studies are stating – Our brains are shrinking. We are still groping in the dark about the implications of this evolutionary trend but do our shrinking brains actually indicate that we are getting dumber? Our young seem to be living in a copy-and-paste world and see nothing wrong in it. Life’s greatest mysteries are just a Google search away. Protests are registered through online campaigns. We do not let such trivialities come in between our comforts; we let “Internet” take care of it. Is something really wrong with us or are we just evolving? But the bigger question is – Is big always better? Let’s check out.

Case 1 – Our Desi Livingstone, Dr Binayak Sen:
The man, a gold medalist in medicine, had a bright future laid out for him. He could have set up a Nursing home and earned millions. And what does this strange man do instead? Goes off to the jungles and dedicates his life treating the tribal. Not happy with playing Santa Claus to the poor, he goes ahead and starts dabbling with human rights. Does he not know the poor have no rights! Imagine fighting for “Their” right to live with dignity. Who asked him to fight on behalf of nobody’s children when he could have led a life of ease and joined some online campaign to ease his conscience? In this David V/s Goliath battle – size did matter.

Case 2 – Our much idolized Celebrities:
Well, not getting into words, here are a few pearls of wisdom from our much idolized celebrities:

So where’s the Cannes film festival held this year – Christina Aguilera

Internet is a great way to get on the net – Bob Dole

I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother & father – Greg Norman

AIDS is just a little more worrisome than a common cold and it’s curable, so just go out there & get it done – Kajol

Smoking kills. If you are killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life – Brooke Shields.

Yet we idolize them!!!!

Case 3 – Our Media:
Media is relentlessly dumping down its readers, listeners and viewers. Kangana’s implants, Aamir’s Dog, Kareena’s weighty drama grabs national headlines. Rakhi Sawant dispenses Insaaf on TV and a dozen women bare their claws over a Rahul Mahajan. A past her prime Ms Anderson’s entry in Big Boss sends the nation into a tizzy – of course size matters!! Switch on India TV and you immediately want to flee the country to someplace far away. Camera mein kalaa jadoo – Khatarnaak batak – Khoon peene wali nurse!! And the anchor is looking earnest, trying to scare the living daylights out of you. It always works.

Case 4 – Our government:
It definitely thinks we are dumb. It taxes us, with the assurance that it will be utilized for development. It is used for development but of a different kind – the minister’s many bank accounts!! To ensure our netas get a truly global outlook, we fund their trips to Germany en-family to study the drainage system intricately. The CM’s MIL gets a flat, the MLA’s son’s career goes sky rocketing. We gleefully pay millions for their Z class security. While we, the aam admi, pay bribes to get even a faulty meter replaced, do not expect police help because they are too busy taking care of our VIPs. We are content at cracking jokes at the ineptitude of the representatives we elected. So who’s dumb?

There are some who may argue that the shrinking brain should be of no concern to us. After all, not many of us utilize our grey matter to think, some of us use our hearts! So who cares about the size, big or small??





8 thoughts on “Is Big Always Better….?

  1. i gone cuckoo here reading this

    dont know to laugh or cry here.

    guess harsh reality isnt it

    case num 2 had me in splits but so true what u have written hehe


  2. This is the harsh reality!
    I still hope Dr Sen would be released. He does not deserve this treatment.


  3. Real good one and definitely worth a publish !!!
    the celebrity case ….hahaha..
    Dr. Sen – Wish somebody make a big deal of his case and some intelligent legal experts find him a way out !!!


  4. celebrity cases are just……..hahaha!
    I too wish the best for Dr Sen. May he get released soon else faith for doing good work would be gone forever.
    And Indiatv, I do not want to even comment on them! They can show anything, even prove a ‘demon’ has born who is growing by 1ft every hr. 😉


  5. Ah! good read…the post hits the right chord!

    Celebrities and their social messages…script ki tarah ussey bhi mug karthey hongey…

    Brilliant…indeed size doesnt matter!


  6. I agree with you point that there is shrinkage in brain usage , but who is responsible for this ..we our-self ..we always choose the short path , there the thought process and grey matter takes a backseat ..and in the process the usage become almost Nil.

    So , its upto us how we want to be …and it depends more on approach toward life and that directly reflect upon what we do everyday.

    Nice post Bhaskar.

    You have definitely used 90 % brain.

    take care.


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