Jab Main Chhota Bachcha Thha…..

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With icy winds blowing outside and snow still there at many places, best thing for me to do is to stay in my bed. Inbetween sitting idle and surfing net through my Blackberry, my thoughts started wandering to those childhood days. Snow meant so much more fun with no schools and whole day playing around with all other village kids.

As a kid I was sort of universally acclaimed big dumb witted moron from inside who used to see his I-card if anyone ask his name unanticipatedly. 😛

I remember there was a play Snow White and Seven Dwarfs organized in our school and I was proffered the role of Prince in that. Since I behaved like a dodo, they decided to make me one of the 7 dwarfs. Yet again as I was completely expressionless so they changed my role to a mere guard. But even guard needs to show some motion, some attitude, I failed to the core. Eventually I ended up being a colorful tree where I had to stand still for whole of the play at the right extreme corner of the stage.

For that imbecilic role, I invited my parents, all bhaiyas, bhabhis, naana, naani, chachu, maama, chachee, Rathore aunty etc etc to have a look AND trust me, they all came and did congratulate me for the “Crucial” role I played.

As a kid, I had only few aims and aspirations in my life:

1. My school bus should overtake all the other buses on the way so that I can tease the kids in those busses that my bus is having the best engine.

2. I desperately wanted to be the Train driver so that I can drive it at a phenomenal speed and thereafter I tend to imagine that I am admired everywhere that SEE this boy, how elegantly he drives. It took me hell of years to figure out that it’s not driver desire that decides the speed of the train.

3. If not train driver, I will be another Sachin Tendulkar. Though I lost to him by mere 30,000+ odd International runs only (and still counting)!! I did try a lot, broke few window panes of our house too. Later on, I figured it out that other than Ludo and Scrabble, I am not good at any sports.

Few misconceptions I had.

  • Amitabh Bachchan is the Prime Minister of India.
  • The universe started at year 0 AD.
  • I was born near a sewer drain and was crying when my mom saw me in that pathetic condition and because of her utter sympathy, she brought me home. (That was convincingly put into my head by my cousin Nikunj Bhaiyaji).
  • 3 TIER (interpreted TYRE by me) in trains means each wagon has 3 tyres in each side.  2 Tier means each coach has 2 tyres in that. No marks for guessing about First Class AC. I used to always wonder how those wagons used to run over the railway tracks, especially the 3 Tier and AC First Class wagons.
  • If you fall in love with someone, you will die. The reason for this Newtonian myth was the death of Aamir khan in QSQT (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak). I was so moved that I thought that if u love some girl like Aamir did it in QSQT you’ll surely die the same way.

That was ME the “Super-Intelligent” one!!!!





9 thoughts on “Jab Main Chhota Bachcha Thha…..

  1. hahaha…..I remember still the bus part. Whichever bus would reach early, those kids would have the upper hand that day.
    It was fun, those days as school kids!


  2. Childhood is always the cutiest period. Waise tum bade kab huye Lalla. 😉

    Bachchan sr as PM…….that was one briliant thought hehe.


  3. this is fantastic! I can relate to quite a few of these misconceptions, luckily for me I hadn’t watched QSQT until a couple of years ago 😛


  4. good morning and first post i read is this.

    oh man bhaskar u were cute as a child and u r cute still as grownup
    but is anyone really grown up. hehee

    too funny incidents

    bachhan as prime minister that was the best..

    i had one of mine but wud tell u via pm on fb later

    enjoy ur holidays

    and ya nice new look to ur blog


  5. You being the youngest, your leg pulling was must for us hahahaha.
    Beautiful and very cute. As a kid you were the most adoring one with many more such cute weird thoughts and questions haha. Love you brother! Thnks for taking me back to those days.


  6. Amitabh as PM??? Hehehehehe! Bhaskar, that one was REALLY a dumb one.

    We used to have rickshaw wars – we had our own ‘dada’ in each rickshaw, invariably the oldest and the meanest one, and then they used to call ‘wars’ on other rickshaws. ‘Kutte Kamine’ used to feature a LOT, amongst a host of other unprintables. The ‘us’ becharas and becharis used to cringe in a corner. Boy! was I glad to be out of those mafia wars.


  7. Hahahaha
    This was a Good One Bhai

    I Can share of the Most stupidest thing i believed to be True when I was a kid and that was while seeing any Film I always believed that the hero and heroine of that particular Move were real meing seeing each other and when i used to see the same hero/heroine with someone else in some other movie i felt they were cheating on thier partners and that wasnt enough so once i told my Dad the day i meet ths ppl i shall tell them how bad they were{=))} and he used to just laugh at my stupidity.

    Bachpan was Cute and Hillarious


  8. Hellooooo…..

    Real good ones and it is just a reminder how cute those days were. hehehe…

    I wish I could go back to those “bachpan” days and relive them again !!!!! If ony… !!!


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