Thank you all for the wishes.

Another year goes by and when I reflect, I find it was again a year full of memorable moments combined with few really anxious ones. And like every year, the last day made me realize how much blessed I am.

I sincerely wish to thank you all for the friendship offered; a relationship that I am sure would never due. Every year the born day of mine you all cherish, making sure to vanish all my memories of past birthdays. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks for coming into my life. Thanks for the ray of hope you all have shown always, for understanding me, and for being there beside me standing whenever I felt alone. Your sense of caring, the thoughts in your minds always telling me that I would find light, is what keeps me hanging on.

There are few who never tell me how to do things but when it’s dark outside, they show me a way around. There are many who would always help me with everything I do.

And Special Thanks to Neil and Aryan. Their sweet and loving wishes made my day really very very special. Love you both a lot!!!

Thanks to you all for your love through all my tough times. I always tried to run away and escape the pains but slowly with you all, I am learning to take it day by day and learning in turn to move ahead. No matter what happens I know you all would be there in my Heart Forever.

I am a simple, sensitive, sentimental and YES very stubborn person. I have many drawbacks I know. But I follow a simple principle in life – “I believe in living my own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection”. I store up memories and never forget many of those little things which happened ago. I always seek for learning and new experiences. I believe that it’s hard to fill a cup which is already filled so I always try to keep my cup empty for looking everyone. I strongly believe in cherishing and nourishing every relationship. I respect women more then I do for men but those who are suppose to be. I can sacrifice my own interests for the sake of others. “I’m so worried about……” because I really try getting connected to my close ones. I have a strong instinctive urge to protect my own ones but when things go wrong in relationship I become over emotional. I believe in following my heart than what my mind says. And one thing I try my level best never to compromise with – My honesty. AND I very strongly believe and support “Bachelorhood”.

And today I promise to be the one who stands right beside you whenever you feel my need.

And I have just one request from you all……

Please Never Lie to Me – Tell me the Truth, Even if it Hurts me!!!

Again – Thanks a lot for the love showered. Today we enter another new year. Last years words belong to last year’s language and next years words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a new beginning. Let’s leave all our worries and pains behind and walk with aims and confidence. Have a Lovely year ahead. Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!!!





9 thoughts on “Thank you all for the wishes.

  1. Wish I could have given a big hug to those two lil kiddos. I saw the smile they brought on your face. God bless them!

    You are as precious as anything to me and even I would be there for you man.


  2. Hey Junior, again lemme wish you a very happy and blessed bday. May you stay happy always. And please dont make us emotional man. My little bro, you are a gem and you’ll always be ultra spl for us.


  3. Bachelorhood ka bhoot nahi utra tere dimaag se. 😉 Itna bada lecture diya do din pehle. hehe.
    You brought tears to my eyes bhaskar…… love you loadsa!


  4. Happy bday to you again BT and may you always stay as happy as i can guess you are now. 🙂


  5. Wishing you a fabulous 2011
    with full of great achievements and experiences.
    Happy New Year .


  6. Wish you more and more happiness in your life.
    We too cherish you as friend and brother.
    and your smile is too specious to us.



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