Merry Christmas to you all.

  • C – Christ, Son of God, Lord of Love.
  • H – Heaven, blessings & all from above
  • R – Remembering the promises we made.
  • I – Icicles hanging inside the barrels.
  • S – Stockings stuffed up to the knee.
  • T – the Tinsel that Moms wrap around the tree.
  • M – Mistletoe hung from the wall.
  • A – for my Advent Calendars that decorate the hall.
  • S – for Santa and his eight reindeer.


Sadly Christmas with time, is losing its true meaning; turning more into holiday fun and boxes and bows. True reason for the season ignored and instead replaced with just decorations and coveted gifts. This Christmas I wish we pause and remember what this day really means. It’s a day to open our heart into “Giving”. A day to show our gratitude!! And to remember Jesus, who was born today, who gave his life so that we all stay happy.

Merry Christmas to all my friends,
Gods richest blessings without end.
A chuckle and a smile or two,
A friendly hug if you’re feeling blue.

Let’s put our feet up on Christmas day.
Forget our worries while we may.
They’ll soon find us again it’s true,
So for one day, we’ll bid them adieu!

My warmest wishes, I send today.
For happiness and peace your way,
For lots of smiles and lots of fun,
From morning rise, till setting sun!!


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to you all.

  1. Thank you and merry Christmas to you too,brother. Look up for Santa because I’ve heard he always surprises the one(s) blessed with a good heart:):):)


  2. Wishing you and Vivek and all others a very merry christmas.
    May the season usher lot of happy moments into your lives.


  3. Christmas is the time of joy which is celebrated with our loved ones. Merry Christmas bhai, may this festive season bring you and your loved ones loads of happiness, love and peace.

    God Bless,


  4. Merrrrryyyyy X’Massssssss Bhai

    And Also wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I hope Santa blesses all with Happiness and Love.

    May there be Peace around the World.


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