The 200th post finally And…….That forgotten pledge!!!

And finally the 200th post comes along. 😀 Truthfully speaking never did I think I would write so much when I got started with this blog. And this post, I go with a humor post as requested by Minniedi. And Didi this 200th post is Dedicated to you. Itni himmat jo aapka hokum taal du!!! Hahaha. Jokes apart – I am yet to – not to – listen to your requests.

Some stats – The max hits that the article got in this blog, is the one posted on 5th Dec 2008 on Minniedi’s birthday. The longest comment of the blog is the one posted by Amby giving me a long lecture. Total all time views 38,298 and total comments 1,717 leaving aside the spam/trashed one.

Hope this article can make you all laugh. Also let me thank each and everyone who have motivated me always through out this journey. Thanks for the comments, thanks for the inspiration and thanks for reading through them.

When it comes to my family, one big question many a times I face is regarding my work – What exactly I do! Different people have different ideas on my profession and still it is one of the biggest mysteries in our family.

One gentleman once asked – So what do you do these days. “We develop software”. And what does that mean?? And without even waiting for me to reply “Oh, I got it, you know, the 4th son of my sister-in-law’s daughter-in-law’s uncle is also in the same profession. He does this accounting work for various shopkeepers. You do the same thing na…” With a broad smile – You got it Uncle!!!

But height was when one gentleman on my reply “We Develop Software” asked “Matlab you make them. “Ummm yes sort of”. “Oh great, but beta from where do you get the raw material?” I was left behind tearing my hair……….

But before I got this job, there was a time when I was in school and used to make lot of blunders. This incident happened when, one fine morning, I was given opportunity to deliver the school pledge in front of say around 3500 students.

My name was called and I, well prepared, went to the stage confidently, adjusted the mike (the over-action that I have seen everyone does) and started.

Me: India is my country.
Everyone: India is my country.
Me: All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
Everyone: All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

And then suddenly


I forgot – I forgot EVERYTHING!!!!

Zero all around, I panicked and I panicked to that extreme that, forget the pledge, if someone would have asked who I am, I would have surely asked for the KBC’s lifelines even for that.

Meanwhile, there was a gap of 7-8 seconds of pin drop silence of 3500 plus 1 student inside the school campus. Everyone was staring at me, eyes fixed and I stood there dumb. Fortunately, the choir behind me came to the rescue.

Someone from back: I love my country
Me: I love my country
Everyone: I love my country

And again, in this way, I started, trying hard to regain the lost momentum, however soon I crashed. Her voice was so low that I was not able to interpret what she is saying. So, in order to listen what she is murmuring, I (literally) turned back and just whispered,



This second bold, red colored, 16 font size, highlighted WHATTT (with a sound intensity of 140 decibels) was not from me but from the bunch of LKG/UKG/Class 1 students who constituted the first two rows of the morning assembly and were imitating blindly to everything what I was saying. AND did I mention the chortling laugh of 3500 students that followed by, YES, truly motivating it was!!

All I can say is “Thanks” to the ISO CERTIFIED SANYO Mike that ensured everyone, in every nook and cranny of the campus, to hear that “WHATTTT””.





26 thoughts on “The 200th post finally And…….That forgotten pledge!!!

  1. hahahahahahahahahaha!! It surely made me crack up big time bro!

    Congratulations broooo…enjoyed ready every article, every post. may you soon reach 300 post!


  2. Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Congratulations ….. FINALLY u HIT it to 200!

    And Me toooo loves this Humour Posts from you …. And that Amby ka Jhaar i so well remember and you have to accept you deserved it that day…. we all were disappointed with that what you had done.

    But that Pledge was seriously hillarious and Now I know I am not the Only one who went all BLANK when i went on Stage=)) and My Dad was busy telling me do this n do that, But tab na kuch sunai de raha tha and na kuch dikhayi:|

    And Bhai …. I wish you complete the 2000the One too

    Congo again>:D<


    • Yes I deserved it I agree. 😛

      Thanks a ton Preeti. You too were asking for a funny post for long. So here’s it.

      When you go blank on stage nothing works. =))=)) Prompting at times makes things worse. =)) But that WHAT, when it came I was more shocked than what I was when I found I am blank. Hahahaha.


  3. oh. my. god! i thought stuff like that happened to me only. i thought i was the only one who has to face such situations. 😛 hahaha. i loved reading this! 😀
    but i still dont believe it. DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? :O ok, i believe you.! that must have been an awesome scene. i so wish i was there too. ok, sorry if i have embarrassed you enough. hahah. but you are so awesome and confident. how on earth did you forget the lines..basically everything?!?! woah! that’s unbelievable.
    this post was hilarious!
    Congratulations on your 200th post! (: i LOVE your blog! i wish you write 103458080 more posts.


    • Shiza don’t even ask me the scene. Even now when I think of the same my ears got red. Hahahahahaha. I never faced such a situation ever again but that one was and still is enough. =)) Its horrible going blank when on stage!!!


  4. hahahahahahahahahahhahhaha

    if only u cud see me laughing my head off now..

    u r such a genius..

    congo for ur double century

    u forgot the pledge even i forgot

    i can also remember those two lines



  5. hahahahh broo =))=))=))=))=)) OMGG this is the best post of yours it made me laugh like helll lol…
    and guess what even i forgot my pledge heheh while reading ur post so pls aage ke lines bhi bol do=)) hahah
    and about getting embarrass i have all my sympathy towrds u lool…you atleast forgot the lines,when i got the chance to read the news at stage infront of 3-4k students i was totallly bllaannk..i even had paper in my hand but i couldnt utter a word..and when i finaly got the courage i couldnt even speak loudly hahahah…that was a moment i would never forget in life…so embarrassiiiingg;)) uske baad i never went on stage only…i have been a stage fear since so many years lol…and it still contds lol..
    and which is the post you were refering to me?? me giving you lecture??:-O:-O meri itni himat? lol
    oh btw congo on compelting 200posts..this calls for a parrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (chalo off to sleep now…it was worth reading this post)


    • First thing, yeh whole night karna kab tak chalega. You seem to be running your life ulta. =))

      Your jhaar, god I can never forget hahahaha. It shook me up big time.

      Thanks for the sympathy. I can still recall the stare my princi gave me. I was sure he’ll make me fail in the next finals. =))


  6. Never knew you also did such hehehehe
    I cant stop laughing!
    Bahut mubarak ho tumhe.Likhte raho. 🙂


  7. oh u changed the look of the blog

    wow totally more and more colorful..

    amby it was the post where bhaskar had gone all senti and talked all nonsense and got jhaar from everyone but urs was the one which worked more


  8. heheheheheheeee!!! First congratulations!! 200 posts…amazing!

    This was a very funny one 🙂 You are the best when it comes to writing humour!

    You know, you remind me of th dance reharsals we do we these little kids. After teaching them, we still have to mime the actions at times. Recently, one of the steps was to lie down on their tummies and then swing the legs….so at first we laid down and swung our legs. Later we tried to wave at them to lay down…and of course they waved right back without moving any leg muscle. We gave up.


    • Thanks, well this ones for you. Warna I had other plans for the 200th post. You requested humor so went with this one.


  9. =))=))=))hillarious…such experiences n blunders are the most memorable things from school life.
    Congoes BB on ur 200th post. N honestly ur blog is very useful wen i hv nthing to do at all. Often end up reading ur posts n i hv missed out in past. Keep writing good things n God bless u.


  10. Hahahahaha mind blowing!

    I loved the “raw material” part too hahaha. Software engg requiring raw material to develop softwares! Innovative idea man.

    200 posts, big achievement yaar. Hope to read many more articles from you and do add humor ones on regular basis. They act as vit to work more at times. 🙂


  11. Nice one… Childhood embarrassing moments surely give a good laugh to others..

    Similar thing happened with me.. it was some school function, i was in poem recitation competition.. my turn was almost 6th , the moment i stepped on the stage after seeing popping eyes glued to me i started the poem and shyly completed my poem.. the moment i stepped down teacher came running towards me and said What u did? i was like what happened then she said you prepared 10 days for so and so poem but u recited some different poem 😀


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