Nira Radia reveals Himesh Reshamiya’s secret.

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Chauk gaye na!!!!!

When I was taking my first steps in the blogosphere, I used to read a lot of articles on the dos-and-don’ts of blogging. And I finally found that it’s the title of a post which matters most. Make sure to come up with a title for your post that is very attractive. This title alone should be sufficient to compel someone to read your post. For instance take the title of this post. Had I named it How to improve your blog or something along those lines of it being the 199th post, I am more than 500% sure none of you will even be reading this.

Yes that brings me to the point – This is the 199th post. 😀 Just one more to reach that magic figure of 200 this year itself. (Now I know what a batsman must be feeling when he reaches the 200 mark especially after so much hardwork, lot more hardwork than writing stuff here.)

Looking at the title of this post, one can realise that it is a very careful combination of something current – namely Nira Radia; and something intriguing – Himesh Reshamiya’s secret. Make sure that you don’t say too much in the title. It should always leave your reader wanting more.

Blogging is something I started after lot of coaxing by few friends of mine. I used to write but only in my dairy. Be it poetry or anything, all would go into the diary. I even had a special pen for the same. Occasionally would share the same with few friends. And finally I landed myself into this new universe of blog.

Writing was never a very strong point of mine, believe me its true!! There was a time when just the thought of writing an essay would make me feel like getting fried like oyster. Neither did I ever get any help from our English teacher. She believed more in hitting the palm with a ruler for even a small mistake like missing out an article!!!

And then one day I was asked by the same teacher to write an essay. It was for some state inter-school contest. The topic was “Something that touched me”. Leave aside giving any thought to the topic; I was more thinking of the number of times I’ll be hit by her.

The weekend before submitting this essay, Bhaisa and one of his friends took me with them to a cancer hospital. It was a child cancer section that we visited. Watching those kids and hearing about their conditions, some even in the terminal stage, it was too emotionally draining. I was in admiration of these kids, some just two years old, for the strength and courage they showed. Few even knew what they were suffering from still they were smiling. Even today when I think of that ward, I get so inspired. The thought of those kids usher in a new strength into me.

I now knew what to write for the essay contest. I poured out my heart and wrote my feelings of the incident. I even got the first prize for the same, and first time my English teacher was all smiles. First time she said something encouraging. “I knew you can do it, and I wanted you to open up and learn to speak your heart out. Try writing something whenever you can, preferably on weekly basis. I can say in full belief that you’ll master in writing skill one day”. And later back home I got to know that it was she who had requested my Father to see if I can be made to visit the children cancer ward!!!

Thanks Miss Sammy!!! Though it was the hard way, but she did give me one of the best gift – How to pass my time constructively!!!





8 thoughts on “Nira Radia reveals Himesh Reshamiya’s secret.

  1. Hahahaha I loved the started, it was a cracker.

    Miss Sammy was tough, very tough. 😦 But she is the sweetest to the alumnus. She changes completely when you leave the school. 😐


  2. God

    Aapka Title and this Post ….. Ufffff …. Novere go by the Book Cover, yahi prove hota hai.
    Congratulations Bhai … for 199th Post and for Soon to HIT 200=)) And also, I must too Thank your Teacher who gave you such Good Idea. Had she not been there aapka yeh talent shayad Hidden rehta. So all Thanks to her


  3. arre i lost count its already 199
    what happend to other three

    ok leave that aside
    but ur title cracked me up 🙂

    and i for one always love ur write ups even if half the time it goes bouncer for me.

    teacher ji finally did what u had it in u


  4. You do write so beautifully now. This post itself carries so many emotions man!

    Keep it up. Waiting for the magic figures now.


  5. Man this was too good spoof!!! hahahahaha!

    Thanks to your eng teacher, we got to read some really great articles. Now waiting for the 200th post. 🙂


  6. khoda pahad nikli chuhiya…..;p

    But you were bang on target…hehhee! Congrats!

    For the 200 post, please write something funny. Few can write humour the way you do.


  7. hehehehehehehehehe……………!
    I really thought you had some info and created a post on the same. 😛

    waiting for the 200th post.


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