Special day indeed for me……..

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A Mothers touch is a feeling of protection, security, love and devotion. Growing up knowing a mother is always there by our side, to catch when we fall, to wipe away the tears that we cry, a gentle whisper to say it will all be okay – That’s mothers!! Mothers are there through the good times and bad, through every bad patch in our life. Rain or snow a mother is always standing there next to us, no matter what. The love they give and the warmth they bring to our everyday, it’s a divine gift that we have in our lives – A gift we do at times take for granted.

Mothers – Like the stars in our sky, they will always be with us and deep in our heart!!!

Today’s Maasa’s birthday. And I can’t even say Happy Birthday to her.

It’s not the same saying it to a spirit or picture.

I wish you could be with you on this day.

I want to spend the day with you. I want to have fun with you.

But I can’t.

God just had to call you Home. Maybe he needed you too.

If your listening Maasa then Happy Birthday. Some day we will see each other again. And when that time comes then we can spend your birthday together again.





7 thoughts on “Special day indeed for me……..

  1. She was so nice and cute! and Uncle used to baantofy sweets to whole village today. I still love her…………happy bday Kaki, where ever u are.
    Big hug chote! will call u today.


  2. She was simple yet had the best advises to give all……I too miss her a lot! 😦
    Happy birthday kaki and i am sure you can hear us.


  3. Bhai
    Mothers indeed are the Best gift to us. And i wanna wish Aunty a Happy Birthday and also Thank You for giving us a Friend, a Guide and a Brother like you. Am sure wherever she is today, She would be Happy & Proud to see that her son is such a Good Human Being and that you are special to so many of us here.


  4. BT!!! She is watching you…she feels happy when you actually implement all the lessons of life you learnt from Aunty :)She is really lucky to have a wonderful son like you.

    Work Well, Study joyfully, Eat healthy food , Sleep on time and stay always happy 🙂


  5. aww bhaskar like everyone says
    she is around you and watching you..

    a good human being loved and liked by all is really making her happy.


  6. Happy birthday to Auntie and thanks to her for giving us a friend like you BT.
    I met her just once and still recall that meeting and the sweets she made! 🙂


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