Nazar Uthaye Jidhar Dekhe……..

A Big pond on one side of the Garden.

Sundays usually I go out and take complete break from regular life for few hours. It could be a drive to any nearby village or forest, or visiting some temple, or maybe whole day trip to Kolkata. And today I visited a rose nursery cum garden here. This was my second visit to the place. Its the season of roses and the whole ambiance was so divine. Made my day after a really tiring and stressful week!!!!



Nazar uthaye jidhar dekhe husn nazar aa raha hai,
Charo aur mausam ka jaadu kahar dhaa raha hai,
Bade naaz se hai muskuraai zameen,
Jhoom ke aasmaan jhuka jaa raha hai,
Kaliyon ne banaya chaman aur haseen,
Fizaaon mein rang ghula jaa raha hai,
Nikhar gayi hai har shai rangini liye,
Phulo se pyaar umadh aa raha hai,
Kudrat ka yeh haseen nazara dekh kar,
Soochta hu kya sooch ke maalik ne yeh sab banaya hai.

Here are few pictures that I took at the garden.

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