Unachieved-to-Almost-Achieved Dreams of 2010

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Today we have a bandh in our district so all offices closed. Nothing new especially when you are staying in Bengal!! Morning went off in leisure with few friends. And then saw Adi has sent some lovely flute tracks. While listening to them I realized we’ll be bidding adieu to 2010 soon. So many things I promised to do but…… Finally I thought how about jotting down few of the important unachieved-to-almost-achieved dreams of mine of 2010.

Alpha –

I so wanted to write a book. The idea took root sometime early this year. It was so captivating that next few weeks I got the titles of the chapters ready. Wait, I am talking of a CSE book!!! A book on Computational Algorithms and by a month’s time everything was ready except for the typing part. Well – “Typing is too Tiresome”!!

Beta –

Learn to play the guitar. This has been a dream for long and not just this year. Not to be too hard on myself though, this year, I made some decent progress. I now know that a base guitar has only 4 strings while the lead guitar has 6!

Gamma –

Quit Chain Coffee Consumption!!! If you’ve thought that the thought had never crossed my mind, you are mistaken. (This part is for Minniedi) Ok fine! Quit would be an over-statement. Reducing it, yes definitely!!!

I can actually quite honestly say that I’ve done this. Not in the traditional way though. There has been a great rise in the prices of food materials and a 100g pack of Nescafe which cost around 50/- in Jan 2009 now cost almost 145/-. Ridiculous isn’t it, more when you need around three such packets!!! So I shifted to few cups of tea inbetween.

Lesser mugs in number!!! This is one Almost-Achieved-Dream!

Delta –

Besides doing my job, to study something like say Mathematics or Business Administration!!!

And as my knowledge of greek alphabets in order is limited, I am including other academia related dreams in Delta itself.

I thought of going for CAT. Get 100 percentile and get into IIM-A, or B or C. In case that didn’t work out, there’s XAT or maybe IIFT which I can always hope to ace. The fact that I am finally doing nothing with all these exams has finally brought about this general questioning of our nation’s education system and the desire to understand its fundamental flaws. Hopefully, by next year, I would have prepared a report on it with all possible reforms and get a Paper on it if not a formal degree.


To complete 200 posts in this blog!!!

And I am still I think four posts away from the same. I have few weeks in hand to get this ONE dream of 2010 come true!!! But not getting any idea and I don’t want to go with those “10 top films” “10 top songs” and other usual end of the year thingy. And “Sorry” to disappoint anybody who thought I am going to quit blogging. I am not going anywhere!!!! I’ll carry on even after that 200th post. Only question – Can I get it done this year itself!!!

In spite of everything written above, 2010 has been a great year for me…till now (I don’t want to jinx it). I made new friends, I bettered relationship with few others, and I came out alive from one of the worse accidents I faced!!!! Let’s just hope the coffee continues to roll in 2011 and “Laziness” never gets the upper hand of me.





12 thoughts on “Unachieved-to-Almost-Achieved Dreams of 2010

  1. Guitar for you while keyboard for me.
    I have pushed it to 2011.
    and true man…………….
    mera documentation kar de na 😉


  2. oh man what a post
    half of it was bouncer for me. 😀

    arre if u r 4 short i m sure u wud get many ideas to make 4 more to get to double century. why not there r many topics to cover.
    abt coffee consumption

    haaaye mahengaai maar gayi
    good ur reducing that..

    baaki all the best for whatever you want to do


  3. Atleast you listed it out Bhai …. Right now if i go to think only one thing comes to my mind and that was giving M.Com ka entrance Exam which i missed due to personal issues … So yeh nahii hua:(
    Iske alawa i was soching of doing many more things to make life better but at the end Falied to do so.:|

    Yes on a positive Note, I did make new friends, but also some broke my Trust.

    Blog Post Topics > Bhai … I dont believe your saying that … Koi aur kehta tho i would have still believed it … You can write anything on the Day to Day happenings … unlike someothers who are in which world i dont know …erm anyways I would always be yaha ka Regular member:D ….. Dhakka maarke bhi bhagaoge tho I wont Go …. hahahaha


  4. 4 posts and 4 weeks.. go man get it done this yr. 😀

    I too had few dreams, and biggest one to quit smoking. 😛 And yes to get married. hahaha. Woh 2011 me sure ho raha hay so no issues. On acedemic front wanna change job. 😉 Recession did not allow me to go for it.


  5. Wow, kya baat hain….!!!!
    Yaaar, chicken give up kiya and now thinking of reducing coffee…. coffee ke bina yeh jeena bhi kaisa jeena Thakur Saab !!!!
    The 4 post in blog ,you can achieve that…
    My 2010 was a rollercoaster ride !!! when it came when it is ending..hehe..can’t even remember it. All i know is… i have loads to do.
    Will wait for your blog post.


    • By the time you get back from your trip next year I am sure 200 complete ho jayega.

      Have a good trip. Stay safe and no “Bhujiya” =))


  6. Yaar you actually got a good output. 😉 Ratio is good man. Last one we would make sure to get fulfilled.

    I never dreamed of anything this yr except for getting a better boss. =)) And i know that would never get fulfilled.


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