Reminising those Superheroes of Childhood on Children’s day

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Superheroes, they have formed a part of my childhood just like many others I am sure. I used to amaze to see these heroes doing all feats at the drop of the hat. These superhuman beings would always fascinate me.

Top of my list was and still is Superman. The brave, bold and fearless – epitome of courage!!! The stories of Superman used to be such an inspiration for me. Superman dieing of radiation poisoning but still trying hard to complete all his work before he dies, but still he takes time off to save a girl who was about to jump off a building. And later whenever I would feel myself in difficult situation, I would hear Superman telling me that I am stronger than I think. I knew he was fictional but still the very thought would pull me out.

Then was Spiderman!! He was the urban, street level hero going into cosmic and international level adventures. But what I loved most about him was his dialogues, his witty wise cracks. Nothing serious when he is fighting the villains, he would be passing very witty jokes while fighting them. What I never liked about him was incidents when he would take decisions, they would be right ones definitely, but that would make him loose people he cared about. And he would do it knowlingly.

And I would never forget The Phantom, The Ghost who Walks. I actually

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believed that he never died. He was one figure who I always felt, actually exists!!! He turned into a cult figure across the world. Every Sunday we would wait for our newspaper to arrive. It used to carry the comic strip of Phantom and the moment the paper would come, there would be a ma scramble among all brothers to lay their hands on the paper. Thanks tohim my childhood was spent fantacising about forests, animals and Africa.

These three were the top on my list heroes. And today on Children’s Day I thought would go through the trip again of reminiscing them all.

Ah yes, Children’s day!!! That reminded me of someone very special too. My kiddo sister – Amby Baby!! 😉 Not that she is a baby as such but being the youngest among us all, I always see her as a Baby. This kiddo is doing Chartered Accountancy degree but says “designing gona be just my 2nd choice u can say:(…butt mera dil-o-dimaag gna be designing only…can’t give dokha to my first love”.

She is the biggest confusion galore. This “Bachcha” would go to class and then come online to chat with all. =)) And according to her own open confession – “broo u noe css??aaree help karo na plss..m learning it institue waalo ne mujhe bahar utha ke pekh daallaa..=)) i wasnt going regularly plus dint shw interest in class LOLL..!!class chalti rehti thi n i used to chat on cell..!!n even bunked alsoo..=))=)) n after dis behaviour of myn dad didnt even giv me money:((:((:(( i mean dint pay institute ppl..LOOOLL..!!

She is THE Cutest kid I have seen. The most “Phunny” one and can bring on 100 watt smile any moment on my face. Just like my other childhood superheroes. 😀 Happy Children’s day to you Amby. I know being a kiddo means each and every day is very special but still this day is fully dedicated one for you.

Besides Amby, happy children day to all the kids across the world!! On this day I feel, all we need to learn from a child is spontaneity, the quality to let go, positivity and to be present in the present. It doesn’t mean that we stop growing intellectually and become mentally retarded. All these qualities need to be a part of our nature while growing up.





11 thoughts on “Reminising those Superheroes of Childhood on Children’s day

  1. My hot fav was Phantom and i would do anything to get my hands on one of his comics. True even for me he was a real figure, no ficiton. 😀

    Lovely post yaar.


  2. Oh wow Superman! He was my fav too. God how I would read thru his comics haha. It was like adiction man.

    Spiderman was not that fav for me. I liked batman more. And phantom is probably everyones fav, the ghost who never died!


  3. It was Shaktiman and phantom for me.

    Happy children day to all kids and few kids like us too. Man se to hum bhi bachche hay thn. 😉 Amby wish you too a happy fun filled day and yr and life!


  4. Nice one !!! One question though – why do these superheroes alwsys wear their underwears on top of the pants ???
    The reason why I got stuck calling Amby as ‘ Amby Baby’ was her cute avatar !! she had a cute little baby hammering away…in fact in MOTW’s also we had this question on how many times the baby hammered per minute !!!
    Happy Children’s Day to All. May the child in you never perish…


  5. ha bhaskar i knew u wud come up with something on this day

    arent we all bachha still at some stage

    well for me u did see already..
    superman is and always wud be my fav

    i have seen all superman movies from black and white era to now

    i always wished i had that power to fly

    next was batman

    and then came phantom
    even i used to wait for the papers to come
    once it come i wud leave out al the pages and read what happend to phantom

    happy childrens day and wonderful post again bhaskar 😉


  6. Well Bhai
    I never liked Super Heroes waala Cartoon ….i was more into Jungle Book, Cinderella, Talespin, Duck Tales, Tom n Jerry(which i still watch) and much much more.

    Bachpan was very good. Sply evenings when we would go to play Hide n Seek etc with our friends. Permission would be from 6-8 but we would make sure to not return home before 10:-P. Then mom used to say as u violated the Rules today u dont get to go to play tommorrow and still she would be forced to send us the next day at proper 6. Sigh …what days … and now we hardly get time to chat with the same set of Friends.

    Wishing all a Happy Childrens Day on my behalf and Sply to my Bachchu Amby who’s not a Baby but is still Amby Baby for all of us…..*Hugs*


  7. Along with Arun I still watch Tom & Jerry.. I loved Phantom.. Thanks for bringing back the childhood memories.. very well written as always


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