Solitude Time….

All of us need a little bit of Solitude
When no one can, into our time, intrude.
It’s the time we can focus our attention
Perhaps, on total internal reflection!

Evening just before night, my solitude time
To reflect on the past, plan for the future of mine.
To think thoughts I dare not speak aloud
Fear, who knows they might produce dark clouds!

Silence unbroken by useless words or noise.
Daylight dimming bringing in night, its time to pause.
Those hours and minutes I so very cherish,
Without them I would most certainly perish.

Not a soul to interrupt my silent thoughts.
Alone, a solitary place, no I am not distraught.
I am thankful, full of gratitude
For this gift of MY time of solitude!

P:S: This picture of mine, yes that’s me sitting 😛 , was taken by Prateek. Thanks for the classic shot!!





7 thoughts on “Solitude Time….

  1. as always excellent post bhaskar

    reflects every bit of mood

    but u sitting there on the roof is scary

    nice shot btw prateek


  2. Prateek Bhai > Thats a Beautiful Pic ….

    And Bhai …. have to say used it in a Nyc way …. had u not said that its u sitting there i would have never known ths … It so goes well with your Poem


  3. Nice poem and good pic. But good thing you told it was you.. hahaha i thought it was a statue or something…


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