Appreciate what you get, how so ever small it may seem!!

After a long and tiring debugging job, it came to me that I have a blog and I need to update it. Tired and weary, I was thinking what I update it with. Here I am not getting time to even have lunch and blog…………sighhhhh!!!

So here I was already regretting my decision to blog continuously. No to be more precise, here I was on my way to have my breakfast delivered at home from a “MESS” regretting my proclamation to the world my decision to blog continuously. I mean a post every few days? Who am I kidding? I cannot come up with ideas worth putting up every few days. I am not that dedicated either, atleast I don’t feel like being most of the times. But then, an inner voice spoke and it spoke for good. It said “Cigarettes for the soul” is mainly for my soul first and then comes the world. So I reassured myself that I am doing everything for myself and my own peace, and on this high note I started with my breakfast.

On Tuesdays (such as today), this particular mess serves Gobi-Ka-Paratha. I began eating voraciously because I had not eaten anything in a long while and I was very hungry. It was into my 3rd helping that my mother’s face floated up in front of me. Now I was not high, mind you, and I don’t drink come now!!! So this really freaked me out. I have a presentation tomorrow and I had not slept or studied. I began thinking of wild excuses for my shabby (or “unholy” as she would have put it) state when she just cynically smiled at me and vanished.

The entire thing lasted for about less than a second and there I was mouth (filled with paratha Gobi-Ka) half open left staring at more paratha “Gobi-Ka”. The “Paratha” is the guilty party here, well Gobi-Ka-Paratha to be exact. It all came back to me in a flash. The meaning of this apparition or hallucination and especially that cynical smile became clearer.

Back home when Maasa was there I used to be too fussy when it came to food. I would tease her a lot with the food. Her favourite dish and therefore my least favourite (:P) was Gobi-Ka-Paratha. She use to prepare it beautifully (realising it now while eating this 4th bite of the same dish) and with ghee topping and it melts in your mouth. But I never used to like this particular dish as it had Gobi. She would cajole me into eating it or sometimes would prepare some other paratha especially for me while everyone else eats Gobi waala as they all loved it. A lot of times, when she would be really tired she used to curse me saying that one day or the other I will realise the value of her Gobi-Ka-Paratha which I did today, more than ever. My tongue is “dead” after almost 3 years of mess food and now I am yearning for home food (still, plain paratha preferably but fine Gobi waala will also do).

Now, all jokes and humour apart, please do not take this just at face value. I have learnt a great lesson through paratha here. The smaller things are missed the most and we do not realise the value of things until they are gone or unavailable. So next time we are about to criticise someone for something they have done putting in a great effort, please do think twice.

I know that I will because I have THE MESS to thank for!!!!





9 thoughts on “Appreciate what you get, how so ever small it may seem!!

  1. u dont like gobhi oh man
    and that paratha looks yummy

    me hungry now

    and on the comment for ur note
    awesome again

    humor aside we do appreciate a lot of things much later


  2. You don’t like gobi or the paratha of the gobi? 😉

    Last part, well said. Most times we realise the value of things much later.


  3. Bhai
    Great Post again
    And i have learnt my lesson 2 months back …. and uske baad se …. i srsly dont do any nakra’s when it comes to Food or anything else. I so agree with your last para …. these small things teach Big Lessons to us … and samajdaar wohi jo sabak time pe seekh le ….

    BTW … .even i dont like Gobi ka paratha much … its Aalo and Methi Paratha for me:D


  4. Yes, very true…!!!
    Waiting to see when you appreaciate ‘Gajar bhai’.hahaha..
    i havent had gobi ka paratha in ages.. for that matter haven’t had sev bhujia also in a while… now i should go and get it someday soon…


  5. Small things always go unnoticed. But they do come to us later and we realize how imp they were but we forgot to appreciate them.


  6. I love gobi paratha!! But I too remember growing up I used to fuss
    a lot in Africa. I would not eat daal if it had corriandar. Here in
    our Province in Canada we could not even get much Indian food from
    outside till now so its a treat when we get any “thali” or “dosa” or
    anything else. Now I eat anything, corriander included! haha
    At least I made my mom happy up there! 🙂


  7. I must show this blog to my daughters. They both denounce my gobhi ka pranthas 😡 Or, may be, I should wait till the older one goes to college and gets sick of the cafeteria food:)

    Keep writing, Bhaskar. It’s as much a release for you as it is a pleasure for us to read your words.

    Take care,
    Gauri di


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