My Fav and My Wish for Dashera/Vijaya Dashami!!

Few things which are my favorite, which make my day, make my life!!! A random post, just to suit the title of the blog!!

  • Opening my eyes to a bright morning, after having had a good nights sleep. This is rare for me, hence a luxury and a favorite.
  • Getting a nice nice mail from Minniedi. I know daily mail exchange is there (a must then :D) but itโ€™s those mails which are **ahem ahem** not the one liners and devoid of any jhaar. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • A hot mug of coffee, brewed to perfection, while lazing with the newspaper.
  • No cut on my face while shaving.
  • A sinful Bengali breakfast of Luchi and fried potatoes. And most importantly, no guilt!!!
  • Browsing through a Crossword or a Landmark for hours, without a care of the world.
  • A bag packing trip alone to a place and roam around aimlessly.
  • A day with no mood swings.
  • Just once in a while being pampered to death by a loved one!!
  • Spend a part of the evening at CCD (Cafรฉ Coffee Day) and have few cups of Cappuccino with a nice book in hand.
  • An evening spent in the company of friends with whom I can just be myself, good food and good music.
  • Sitting in my room and looking outside with a blank mind at nothing in particular for hours.
  • Waking up early morning to a bright clear sky and hearing all the birds chirping. There are many around my house and there chirping sounds so sweet!!!
  • Watching a movie at a theatre. Those 2 hours of a world larger than life, gives me a high.
  • A walk in the rain or just getting wet in the rain!!!
  • Buying things for loved ones. Knowing the fact that they smiled is more favorite.
  • And last but definitely not the least – the smile on the faces of my loved oneโ€™s telling โ€“ All is Well.

…….and thereโ€™s so much more. But for now these would do. Itโ€™s Vijaya Dashmami today – The victory of good over evil. Hope all these good things happen to me today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jokes apart, wishing all my friends a very happy Vijaya Dashami and Dashera!!! I pray, like Ravan, may all hardships, sadness and evil forces in your lives also end after today!!

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9 thoughts on “My Fav and My Wish for Dashera/Vijaya Dashami!!

  1. Wish you the same BT.
    Nice lovely thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚ Felt nice reading through them all!


  2. subho Bijoya and happy dasera to all.

    Nice wishes junior. #2 great one, good someones there 2 keep you in check. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    #5 that breakfast is no way sinful man! Calling it sinful is the 1st step towards feeling guilty. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Last one, love you man for the thought!


  3. BHai
    Wishing you a Happy Dushera too.
    Hope you have all the happiness, ITs Just Khushi and NO Gham for you and your loved one’s.

    Also wanna Wish all Others here a Happy Dushera
    May this Dashami bring in lot of Smiles in your life and all your dreams are fulfilled.

    God Bless All


  4. Balak,
    May all your wishes be fulfilled !!! hahahaha…
    As it is said in bengali style – “Shubho Bijoya’r shubhechha!!!


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