Lived the life I wanted to……

Have you ever lived a life you always dreamt of?? I did, yes!!! Though just for this one day I lived MY kind of life. Sitting under the open sky, feeling the breeze on my face, listen to my favourite music, close my eyes and lose myself to myself. I did it all!!! And I did not want it to end at all, but like everything, it did.

Lying there in the forest I stared up into the depth of brightness. I stared into the depths of the inner self from the eyes that beheld so many colours there. All around it was silence roaring.

Early morning just before dawn lying there, I reflected on the past, planned little bit for the future; I went through thoughts I dare not speak aloud for they could produce dark clouds.

At times the silence was broken by some noise. Some bird chirping, calling her friends maybe!! The breeze would blow hard at times, making the leaves holding crowns of tempo move with a rhythm undefined.

Not a soul to interrupt my silent thoughts. Alone, a solitary place and no I am not distraught. I am thankful, I feel full of gratitude for every little thing that I have in my life. Even this solitude!!!

The breeze runs through my hair, it touches my face. Few drop of rain splash my face and then it stops. As if I was being teased and caressed at the same time!!!

I tilt my head up and see the sun hanging in-between the trees, dazzling me with its rays. I loose all inhibition and smile – Yes I am alive, everything around me is alive!!!

I have never felt so close to myself. πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot God for introducing ME to the old ME again even if it lasted for just few hours. And I loved it!!!





12 thoughts on “Lived the life I wanted to……

  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience. You have done it in a forest, I generally do it by a lakeside, But I know the feeling, its wonderful.

    Yaar, in the forest the mosquitoes didn’t threaten you with a – “Thakur !!! mein tera khoon pi jayunga” ?


    • Hahahahaha no we have been asked to use Good night mosquito repellent body lotion all the time. Dengue outbreak huya hai yaha.

      So I had the protective shield. πŸ˜€


  2. hahaa @adi dialogue

    it was good the way u describe

    and yes count ur blessings. and we do need time for ourselves

    wonderful write up again


  3. Lovely write up. Feel like following your foot step.

    It always help to spend time in solitude. Lucky you got it!


  4. The way u use the words and describe……..its awesome BT! One actually get to feel everything while reading.


  5. Lovely post.
    Heard you had gone to Salboni. I always felt that forest range is the best when you want to enjoy nature! πŸ™‚


  6. @Adi Brathashree
    Wonderful dialogue ……. suit Bhai totally ….. hehehe

    and Bhaiyya
    now i feel like going for another Chutti …. and what better than my native place mangalore … its so peaceful there …*sigh*


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