Meri Chori Pakri Jaati, Jab…….

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It was history class and the teacher started lecture. Just then it dawned that next class was Maths and I forgot to bring my geometry box.

The classroom besides ours was my cousins. I knew he had one with him.

As the teacher turned towards the board after taking the roll call, I decided to slip out of the class.

I got the geometry box and again slipped back. My class fellows saw everything but they decided to keep quite. Good for me!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

And the moment I took my seat, the teacher turned around. Pointing the finger at me she asked – Who was he???

I got scared at getting caught. Nothing was working in my brains. โ€œMam, heโ€™s my cousinโ€.


โ€œYes Mam, and I am sorry.โ€

โ€œWhat nonsense!!! Are you okay??โ€

And then my friend Sudhir sitting beside me nudged โ€“ Shut up, she is asking about Hitler?? We are doing WW chapter today.

Those childhood days in school!!!!

(I met my friend Sudhir on my Shimla visit and we recalled the incident. He informed that he even made his son publish this incident in some children magazine.)





15 thoughts on “Meri Chori Pakri Jaati, Jab…….

  1. hahahahahahahhaha

    aap itne naughty the kya

    hitler kaun tha hahahahahahaa

    vaise i wud tell u of my incident in school

    hhahaha too good


  2. hahahaaahahahahahahahaha i could nt stop myself from commenting man!
    and i am sure u finally got caught by default hahahaha.


    • Thanks Jaideep. Nice to see you here. Yes finally I ended in telling the truth as I had no explanation why I called Hitler as my cousin. =))


  3. This was truely Funny BHaiyya ….. Chalo I am happy koi tho bachpan mein meri tarah tha …. =))


  4. hahahaha……funny incident…yeh padhkar mujhe Sujata film ka ‘bachapan ke din bhi kya din the……’ gana yaad aaya…….


  5. Hahahahaha….. Hitler is your cousin !!! and you know my relationship with ‘Hitler’ !!!!!


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