And that’s my School and I am proud of it….

It was nostalgic visiting the school again. The classrooms, my locker, walking down the play ground, staff room, library, and what not!!

Pathshaala ne jo sikhlaaya,
Badon ne jo samjhaaya,
Sab apnane ki koshish karta hoon.
Dar dar thokar khaata hoon,
Lekin yehin wapis laut aata hoon.
Aansoo tapkaata hoon,
Pachtaata bhi hoon,
Lekin bhool kabhi nahin jaata hoon.
Kya padha tha, kya likha tha,
Kya khoya tha, aur kya paaya tha,
Ye sab baaten yaad rakhtaa hoon.
Jo neki seekhi thi bachpan me,
Woh dekhi nahi hamesha duniya me,
Isiliye kabhi kabhi gussata bhi hoon.

The debt I owe to my school is beyond any repayment. The values instilled in us by the teachers will live forever. I do not know about the rest of you, but these teachers went out of their way to help me out. And not just during school time!!! I can never forget that they were all there beside me when I lost my family. They stood by me and offered all help that I might need. And that too when I was among those students who used to bug them again and again with all my weird queries. And again and again they answered my questions, and stilled my doubts. May they have long and prosperous lives, and for the ones departed, may their souls rest in peace!

I’ll share few pictures that I took of my school.Click on them to see the enlarged view.

Junior School Building

The Staff Room

Col. Dewan's house and Way to the Physics Lab

Anderson Library

The School Chappel

The Assembly Ground view

WW-1 plane. There's so many stories attached to this plane.





7 thoughts on “And that’s my School and I am proud of it….

  1. wow
    its so nostalgic isnt it

    school memories always stay..

    just so happy for u that u cud get that feeling again..

    i may forget a lot of things but not the things about school

    awesome re


  2. awesome and i am so loving the spl effect.
    its bringing that 150 yr old school aura!
    thanks Bhaskar for sharing them
    its been many yrs now that i have been to shimla


  3. Nice catching up with you Bhaskar. Hope to do so soon. 90 batch get-together is up nxt month, we can have after that. would talk to princi and fix up.


  4. That’s a lovely school you have !!!
    We all have come a long way from school – haven’t we?


  5. I don’t have words! Its too nostalgic, hope to reach home this month end and visit the school.

    Thanks yaar.


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