One Important Aspect of Friendship – Keep in Touch!

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These days we live in a world that constantly demands our attention, acting as if every request, every event is urgent. Unfortunately, too often we put work, groups, and events before our relationships. So many times, we let relationships fade especially with our friends. We put off calling a friend or going to visit him or her. Soon we forget the friend, or we try to reconnect, only to find he has moved and we no longer know how to connect with him.

We may feel we need to be doing something productive, while spending time with a friend by watching a movie, having a cup of coffee, or going for a walk. Yet, that’s not exactly true. We might not talk about anything important—we might not even speak to each other when we’re together, but we find peace and comfort; we find relaxation in a trusted friend’s presence. We find love, support, and encouragement.

It can take a lot of energy to build a friendship. It takes little energy to lose a friend. I feel investing time and love in a friendship or any relationship is the most valuable investment we will ever make.

Sometimes we get grandiose ideas of what is required for a friendship. We plan things which may cost money and time and finally we feel overwhelmed that so much is expected from us. But in this age of technology, it just takes few minutes to solidify a relationship. Just maybe five minutes to send an email and this will keep that friendship alive.

The important thing is to keep in touch with the people who matter to us. Staying connected with them makes life much more fulfilling. Believe me, long after our works is finished, the goals achieved will no longer be important, but the relationships will be strong and nurturing.

Friendship is a golden thread
with love it’s intertwined.
It causes weary hearts to smile,
and think upon good times.

For life isn’t always sadness,
and with a friend or two,
You’ve more than money in the bank
and you wont always feel so blue.

For friends are life’s rainbows,
bringing sunshine after rain.
They refresh and revive us,
time and time again.

I thank God for the rainbows,
that brighten up my sky.
Their worth is more than all the gold
that money cannot buy.

And for my friends I have one promise. Hard times never last forever but true friendship do. I’ll always be there for anything you need even if its just something to listen to!!!

Happy Friendship Day to you all who really have made my life so beautiful. Thanks for being there always!!!





17 thoughts on “One Important Aspect of Friendship – Keep in Touch!

  1. Happy Friendship day to you too Bhaskar. I could not have asked for more from god when he gave me you as a friend. Its now like our whole life we are friends.

    Proud to be your friend!


  2. Bhai
    Lovely Post

    And I wanna Wish All my Friends a Happy Friendship Day … and Thanks for Always being there when I needed you’ll the Most.
    God Bless All and Keep Smiling




  4. Happy Friendship Day dada. Your friendship is priceless for you are blessed with a purest heart i’ve known.


  5. visiting here don’t know after how long !! and am glad it is on this day *grin*

    Friends to me are my back balance and the returns are to the subject to the account they in

    Bhaskarayaswaha ji (at this juncture)

    me still the same kutte ki dum *wink* and all comments meant at face value*sheepish grin*

    Wishing you too a very happy Friendship day!
    Good luck and God Bless!


  6. I never knew this..but read it from another friend’s post..

    “In 1935 american govt hd killd a prsn on 1st saturday of aug. D nxt day his frnd died cmmiting sucide.In his memory american govt hd declard 1st sunday of evry aug as frndshp day.”

    Happy Friendship Day Bhaskar!


  7. Nice one Bhai.. Agreed.. people like me get busy in so un-neccessary stuffs.. ke pata nahi time kaha chala jata hai..
    Any ways no matter what we will bein touch for ever…

    Take care and Keep Rocking..


  8. woohoo
    wonderful post again from u bhaskar

    reminds me of the time i had reconnected with u again after a gap

    but i always cherish your friendship

    very true what all you said above

    glad to have a friend in you

    Happy friendship day again



  9. Not much in touch, but you stay in my thoughts…..

    Happy Friendship Day to you and all others !!!!….


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