Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha – Happy Guru Purnima!

Chinmayam Vyaapi Yatsarvam; Trailokya Sacharaa Charam; Tat Padam Darshitam; Yena Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah!

When it is dark all around and suddenly a light is put on, it glorifies our way. It helps us now to walk in the proper direction. Our ignorance is the dark side of our life. And the teachers are the same light who illuminates our lives with knowledge.

These teachers help us to swim across the ocean of failures and reach the banks of success. Look at Guru Dronacharya. He made sure to impart the best knowledge to his pupil Arjun and stood behind his victory. If you see carefully, you’ll find there’s always a Teacher behind every successful person. And we have always accredited teachers with the term Guru since time immemorial.

Our beautiful Universe is interlaced with values, beliefs and traditions that still holds relevance to today’s modern society. These priceless values were cradled by the 7 Universal Gurus who are popularly called as Saptha Rishis (Atri, Bhrigu, Pulastya, Vasishtha, Gautama, Angirasa and Marichi).

Life would have been dubious on this earth; but for these divine Seers. They were the ones to nourish human lives with spiritual tonics and Vedic teachings! When human souls were flummoxed on how to live a civilized and blissful life, the teachings of the divine Seers came handy then.

It is still believed that the Seers take their way out to watch if you are still making good use of their teachings and values, and also if you treasure it for posterity. Like how the name ‘Guru Purnima’ conveys, these Seers soaked the World with their divine light sweeping away the ignorance of the human lives.

Being the children of those Seers, we carry the responsibility to pay our accolade to the Saptha Rishis and also other seers and Guru’s. And Guru Purnima is seen as an occasion to seek the blessings of these Universal Seers to get rid of the negative pieces wedged to our lives! It is the golden opportunity to thank our teachers for bringing our potential to light. Blessings of our Gurus remove all the roadblocks in our way to success. It’s a day we should honor our teachers who restyled the models of our living!





6 thoughts on “Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha – Happy Guru Purnima!

  1. Very very nice post BT.

    Happy guru-purnima to everyone. may our guru bless us all and we too remember to follow the path they have shown us.


  2. Nice one Bhai…

    Because of one School Sir..i am here…Thanks to Almighty else God only knows where i would be by now may be playing cricket or acting in Films 🙂


  3. Nice one Bhai…

    Only because of one School Sir..i am here…Thanks to Almighty else God only knows where i would be by now may be playing cricket or acting in Films 🙂


  4. Lovely Post Bhai ….. and true too
    Along with our parents guidance its Teachers who play an important Role and shaping our Lives and I would like to Thank all my Teachers.
    Also I know i’ve irritated all my teachers a lot as i was the Most talkative student in my class ….


  5. wonderful post bhaskar..

    i mayb irritating my dear teachers now

    because my punctuations are always missing.


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