Slip of Ears!!!

Was getting too many messages asking when the blog would be up, so finally decided to open it. There were some spam posts being created which needed action so had to keep it closed and take care of some technical issues to set things right.

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Yesterday suddenly an old friend from my BTech days got in touch with me. She was in my batch but had left for US after her marriage and we somehow lost touch. It was wonderful talking to her after such a long gap. Brought back some cherishing memories we spent together and yes some really funny one’s too.

Now she had a big problem when it came to “Ears”. You all must have heard about “Slip of Tongue”? With her it was “Slip of Ear”. Yes friends, she was too fallible when it came to her ears.

It was back during 1st year, it was the time when we innocent kids, who had just left school, used to answer with full josh in class. I was one among them who answered and took notes too. It was some extra course of the Human Resource dept we had to take. And there she was sitting beside me (read sleeping). Sir droned on about the importance of lawyers in this country and how important our President is. And suddenly my friend shook and turned back at me. “Did he just say lawyers are impotent and the President of India is impotent?”

Then one day we had another batch mate of us on leave and his friend informed us that her niece is in the hospital so she had to go home. “How can her knee be in the hospital and she going home”. And what to say when we told her that her BF tripped on the “Tent Pole” and got hurt!!! Came her immediate reply – “He tripped over Tadpole!!! Are you joking???”

Height was when during one class when our Prof was explaining us about cases on intellectual property rights mentioned a special case. Suddenly, she nudged me and asked, “What was the name of the case, yaar?” “XYZ ltd vs Union of India”, I answered.

“Oh” she reacted and roared with laughter. “I heard it as Urine of India, so I was wondering what the hell is he saying!!”

Are you still the same Nitika???





11 thoughts on “Slip of Ears!!!

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………………………………….you brought it in the open finally. I can never forget tadpole thingy. And what a face Akhil made when we told him his fiancées comment hahahaha!


  2. hahahahahahahah
    oh man this is too hilarious

    and glad to be able to have ur blog again

    hahaha too funny really


  3. hahaha too good Bhaskar. Last I met her in 2008 and mind you she was still the same with her ears. In bengali I told her ‘bhishon koasha aajke’ meaning its foggy today. She in turn replied ‘Mosha, ekhane Texas e mosha kothaye’ (mosquitoes where do you see them here at Texas) hahahahahaaha!


  4. LMAO …. Bhai …. I seriously enjoyed this one …. And I would say I have met such characters too …. We always say “Iske kaanpur mein shayad hartaal hai” …. AT times it seriously gets Hillarious …. Sply when your deeply engorossed into very important and serious matter and here we have one of then just coming out with something totally different


  5. Issssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………..

    confession time – I am still the same 😛


  6. hahaha. Loved the anecdotes, bhai! Aaj kaafi din key baad aap ka blog check kiya. Hope all’s well with you:)



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