Suffering with Honk-ophobia!!!

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I am going to talk about a category of species who are found rambling open in this world, especially on the roads. They will look like our regular next door guy but with a catch. You don’t really need to hunt for them, count 1, 2, and hey presto! There they are!! Honking with all their might!!! No left, no right, no rules, no regulations, just “Honk Honk Honk”. To quench my never ending thirst for erudition, I decided to interview some serious gamers in the field with just one question – Why do people honk! So here we go…

Subject 1 – He could be 20yrs something, wearing a leather jacket, pierced ear, expensive shades and even expensive bike.

Style Bhaiya style! Gotta noticed by chicks, aap nai samjhog, tez gadi chalane padta hai, ladki log ko impress karna padta hai

Subject 2 – In his middle age, accelerating an old Bajaj Chetak like doing 120 miles per hour BUT actually standing still on a red signal, finger firmly glued to horn button.

Replies Puzzled…
Am I? heh heh!!

Subject 3 – From some nearby village, in a Mahindra Utility overloaded with grain bags, milk cans and 2 buffalos. Wearing Pagdi, dhoti and kurta.

Tanne ke? Mhari gadi, mhara horan, tanne ke panchayant hon laag ri hai? Aur ib side main ho le, varna mar mara javega

Subject 4 – A truck driver on highway, no traffic but still screaming with the pressure horn!

Gadi ke peeche dekho saab

In colorful letters it had written –

Hum bhi banna chahte the sangeetkar,
par duniya luta baithe
Kismat kuch aise palti,
Ke hum lorry chala baithe

Bus saab is liye ye horn se he music baja baja ke khush ho lete hai.

Then suddenly some loud folk music echoed in the air, I tried to figure out where it was coming from and saw a rickshaw-cart on the far end of road. As it came nearer I asked the person riding on it. Hey what’s wrong, why this loud music?

Kya kare saab, hamari gadi main horn nai hai na, to bus ye gana baje ke he khush ho lete hai.

I am sure there would be many more reasons. My time was over so had to end the interview. Anyways – Happy Honking!!!!





9 thoughts on “Suffering with Honk-ophobia!!!

  1. hahhahahahaha hahhaha seriously bhaskar i was going to tell u to put something on this subject..
    other day i was coming home and continous honking by autos, car wala, bike walas, bus walas and cycle walas and no one was letting the other one pass and hence traffic jam.

    but this is too good. thanks for our regular dose of laughter.


  2. Hahahahahaha man this is too good.
    And what about those who give the reason for honking as the truck in front have the message – Horn Plz. =))


  3. Good one BT hehe. Traffic signal crossings, they are the worse places. There are days when i feel like using an ear plug hehehe.


  4. Now, this is one thing we are saved from. Here horns are only blown to show displeasure on someone’s atrocious driving or if the hometeam is or has won a game… hehehehe


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