I get by with help from my friends….

I’ve moved 10o’s times, lived in different places. I’ve gone to few many educational institutes and in the process I’ve met more people than I can count.

But this, this is for all my near and dear ones!!!

This is for every person who looked out for me, everyone who reached out to me, everyone who showered their love upon me, everyone who befriended me. All of you who made this the best years of my life. I cannot even begin to say everything I need to say, I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much you’ve meant to me. I can’t possibly explain the way you’ve changed my life.

I’ve loved spending a part of my life with you all. I faced loads of hurdles. I was frustrated, angry and at times even heartbroken. But with you all, I don’t know what happened to me. I just got connected. And it made my life so peaceful and at ease.

It’s now like, you are my family. I belong here. I owe this to all of you. Everyone.

Thank you. All of you. For being my friend. For loving me. I love you all so much. Thank you guys for giving me the time of my life.

It’s surprising the way we make realtionships. You never know who might come to be an important part of your life: the person you hate who becomes your best friend (thats how Prateek and me go hahaha), some person you run into by accident, a long lost face, forgotten for ages, a lonely soul, a friend you’ve never met, or a random stranger. You never know who might affect your life and in what way.

Nearly every person I’ve met and all of the friends I’ve made all over the world, have had an effect on my life. Maybe negative or positive, but effect they made for sure which helped me and made me what I am today. So this is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for making my world a little bit brighter. Thank you for coming into my life.

I could not have gotten by without a little help from you all. And yes, again a big sorry for my last post. πŸ˜›





16 thoughts on “I get by with help from my friends….

  1. yeab now this is more like bhaskar we know..

    and friendship mein thankyou and sorry ka kaam nahi hota

    jab ek baar kaha ki relation hai to u cant really define this hai na

    in fact i was also wondering about this

    can u really define any relationship? can anyone really name any relationship?

    so its better this way
    and u r loved by all coz of the way u r.

    u have touched many lives in ur own way

    that makes a big difference bhaskar

    never ever say u dont have anyone

    many people we meet r strangers but the bond becoms really strong in time

    god knows what i blabbered now
    thats how i am.

    hope it did reach ur intelligent brains

    othewise i would have to say

    yeh brains mujhe de de thakur πŸ™‚
    atleast intelligent part wala

    take care

    get well soon


      • well yes good na atleast then i can talk more intelligent stuff…
        and atleast my punctuations wud be in right place then.


        and preeti wrote below

        funny stuff please next one πŸ˜€


    • Jhansi ki Rani naam to daal diya karo. Yes me better. Bas aapki kripa hai. πŸ˜‰


  2. You remember haha. We started as #1 fighters in the class but by the time we reached class 3, we turned best of the buddies. I recall Antony sir had once called us Siamese twins. hahaha.


    • You hit me too many times. =))

      Remember that “Kela Bhej” after the big fight over Maths marks. Hahahaha. Bhaisa actually gave you an apple. =))=))=))


  3. soooooo happy to see our old bt back πŸ˜€
    now next article plz something funny
    need laugh desperately. malum hay na kyu πŸ˜‰


  4. I hope you remember this LINE in future “It’s now like, you are my family. I belong here. I owe this to all of you. Everyone.”

    Pichla Post … delete maar do apne memory se. Just dont even think of it. Yes you hurt us but then you made up for that too….. So Avoid saying Sorry…Apno se Sorry nahii kaha jata….
    And Bhaiyya ….not to forget ….agli baar any Tension, Any Sadness Apun ko bolneka …Apun apni Tijori mein si Rapchik Maal ……………..oooooooooooooopppppppsssssss……… i mean Mails phorward kardega …Nahi tho Apunko FB pe ping karneka Mamu and apun sab teek karegaaaaaaaaaa

    lolzzzz sounds PHILMY But thats Meeeeeeeeeeee ………………SO Chill marofying.

    And Me too agrees to Meena Dii
    we love you for what you are, We might not be related by Blood but the relation and bond we have and share is Much More Stronger. And I am *PROUD* to have you as My Big Brother(Bade Bhaiyyaaaaaa).


    • LOVE YOU loads Preeti. Just now after reading this post I again checked that billi waala mail. Hahahahahahaha. Kya mast hai woh. Best is the picture of Himmy waala billi =))


      • Chalo….atleast those could make you laugh …. I told you …. Anytime of the day you feel sad mujhe yaad kar lena and i shall b hajir to get that Smile on your face and humari pyari Amby baby nani tho hai hi for further help

        next post mein Uss Billi waale ko lekat make something …..Funny Sa …and me shall wait for that Bhaiyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  5. It’s beautiful how you cherish everything bro and adorable how you stick with love and keep ’em coming all the time πŸ™‚


    • Love you too Aditi!!!! >:D< You too do the same. Never forget a single occasion or special day of yours to share with me. πŸ™‚


  6. Chalo,

    The train name “Bhaskar Express” is back on track again !!!! In the last one it had got derailed…and no no… the “mao”s had no role in that !!! Hehehehe…

    Bhai, like I told you in the mail, there are many things in life, on which we have abosolutely no control, but yes, friendship is one thing where we have full control and “God” willing, it will go on and on….

    I too agree with my sistershree – preeti ( Well she calls me Bhratashree and I have no clue what would be the sister version of that !!!hehehe) … its time to start the laughter riot…. or shall I remind you of that “special photu”, to get you rolling ?????


    • By God……

      brathashree where have u been? i mean Aap kaha the? Humne aapko har lok mein dhunda par humein kahin aap nazar nahii aaye…..*sad*
      Aapko nayi nayi suvidhaon ke sahare bhi khojne ki koshish ki par waha bhi apka koi jwawab naa aane par humne socha ki aap Bhaskar Brathashree ke Staan graha mein Zarur apni vishesh tipni dene ayenge….

      Ab aapse vinanti hai ki aap apne Mukh pusthak par bheje gaye humare sandesh ko padkar waha uchit jawab de


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