God do takes too many Ironical decisions.

It was just few days back I met with the accident. I am getting ok too. And now I get to hear my driver, Nirmal was spot dead!!!

Why him?????? This is wrong!!!!! Why not me??? I don’t have anyone. I have no family then why god had to choose him?? That man had a family. He had two small kids!! Then why such ironical decision by god!!

Its more like because of me this man died!! How do I even go and stand in front of his family. Karma or whatever I don’t agree, this was too wrong. The other person who caused the accident is totally fine. But this person, who was driving my car on MY request, he looses his life!!!!!!! It should have been anyone other than him. Either the other driver or me!!!

I had read a line long back – How can a person die who is dying everyday in his life. Today I am finding this too true. But this needs to change!!! I don’t want more Nirmal’s to die because of me!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “God do takes too many Ironical decisions.

  1. Bhaskar calm down. PLEASE! Its not good for your health. Why can’t you get its NOT YOUR FAULT!

    I am calling you now.


  2. And who says you have none!
    You have such a big extended family. Do you think we all would have rejoiced if it was you.
    Dammit!! stop blaming yourself.
    It happened and is over. You might fall ill if think on these lines.
    Calm down man!


  3. oh man

    this is bad and jo hua usko blame kyo karte ho apne aap par

    and again who says u r alone.. see u have such big extended family who is with u every step..

    its destiny bhaskar no one can change that..

    just dont know what else to say and pls dont think too much


  4. Bhai

    I would just say one thing which i read somewhere. That Death is something no one can comment on. You never know whats there in the nxt moment of your life. You were saved in this accident may be b’coz God knew that there are some people who need you, you might not know it but others who are part of you life and who love you, know that They need you at every moment of thier life.
    I do feel bad for the person who lost his life in that accident and i feel terrible for his family too. But may be his journey in this world was meant to be just this short. And am sure God would give his family the strength to recover this loss….

    Bhai …. i dont know Y your saying that your alone and you have no one as family? I guess you have forgotten that there are people who always keep you in thier prayers. Some are here commenting at this Post and some are there at FB looking out for that one comment by “Bhaskar” Bhai where they can post thier views and have some fun with Others.
    Aapka tho pata nahii but for us you certainly are part of our family and lives. ….. And now stop thinking too much and get back to The Bhaskar Bhai we love to see

    ^^^ after writing this i surely need to remind you that you had an appointment fixed on Monday 10.00 am with me and Gagan …. God did’nt choose you as ever God knew that Amby, Gagan, Nidhi and preeti need Bhaskar Bhai around them ….. and God ko bhi pata hai humse panga lena mushkil nahii balke DANGEROUS hai ….


    • I agree with Preeti diii!!!! bhai pls u take care of urself…….take rest n dont think too much pls……u said karma na……toh jab hona hai woh hota hai ….so dont blame urself ……better u take otherwise we all together >:) better u!!!! 😛


  5. Bhaskar, it’s not your fault. I might sound harsh, but the truth is, you would be too arrogant if you even think that it’s because of you. He is gone because the Maker came calling for him, that his time on this planet was over, and not because you were there. If you go the family, then you might even find out that some wise person had warned him or them of what was coming too…..no one can stop what we call in Bengali “Bobhitobbo’……………destiny or fate…whatever you choose to call it. You have got nothing to do with it. You could not have decided his fate any more than I can decide mine…..

    You had this accident fated, and he had his end…….the curel joke being that HE chose to be economical about it and put both of you together. Talk about ek pant do kaaj…..but it was HIM. Make no mistake about it.

    Now focus on getting well.


  6. correct i agree with everyone of the above people..

    and dont u ever think u r alone.. like preeti said there r ppl commenting here and waiting on fb to see one post from bhaskar…
    ur fone is switched off and i had tried many times to call u..

    so stop torturing urself mentally and rest all have explained perfectly..

    be the bhaskar we know

    rest is karma

    or vidhi ka vidhaan

    or destiny

    no one can change that

    sorry if i said more. but i consider this as my hak to say to u..

    now get well soon.


  7. Sorry to hear all these Bhaskar ji. You cannot hold yourself responsible for all the things as God is the ultimate decision maker. We cannot question and understand God’s decisions.
    Everything will be alright. Don’t spoil your health by thinking so much.


  8. BROOOO how can you even think you’re alone????? in one post you say we’re your sisters…. your family and in other one SUCH thingg???
    YOU’RE not at alll alone…..i think we all are here just for “namesake” :(((((((…and i so agree with preeti di’s post…its so true even me, i open your profile so many times just to get an update from youu…..and you dont even count us in your family…:(( thats so mean…:(((( *hurt*

    about the death of your driver….m sorry about it may his soul rest in peace….
    but that does’t mean you start blaming yourself….life and death is not in our hands…and by blaming or thinking so much about him can you get him back?? NO

    instead of blaming yourself and asking soo many Questions to god…just a simple thing try helping that family as much you can….im not telling just go n take care of that family….its just that you’l feel a bit better doing something good for them….and you wont even feel guilty….this is the only thing you can do now….since you’re blaming youreself…

    remember one thing whatever is store in your destiny, it has to happen by hook or crook …no matter how much you cry, fight or run it’l happen somehow somewhere….but it’l take place….may be that driver had to die this way…if not you then it would’ve been someother way…..

    one small request till you recover pls stop thinking about alll these stuff…you wont get anything by thinking so much…instead you’l have more pain….please try to keep yourself away from all the things which hurt you…..
    and recover SOOONNN……life is all about to enjoy brooo…..you duno wts next…..so enjoy this moment…it wont repeat…:P

    thank god i opened my FB…warna pata hee nai chalta aapke dimaag mei kya chal raha hai…:(


    • lol amby 🙂
      now bhaskar wont dare call u baby

      kya to daant laga di

      yeah bhaskar dont do damn to ppl who care for u

      ur last post kuch to log kahenge.. yahan to hum sab kahenge and tum sunoge
      now do as everyone says

      and get well soon


    • Hayyye re meri Jhansi *HUGS*….. this was needed for Bhai ….

      And thanks for getting back here… inhein naa iss Ghumnami ke andhiyaron se nikalna jaruri hai … bekaar mein y’day he almost made me *Think* ki Why do We even bother to search him at FB/Blog or elsewhere when our presence does make him feel that he’s Alone?

      And Bhai … Amby is right try helping the family ….. May be that would not just be helpful for them but you too would feel better


    • Amby a BIG HUG!!!!! I never knew you could give this level of jhaar too. =)) And I love you love you loads. And am so proud that you are my sister!!!!


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