“What will people/society say”

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“Log Kya Kahenge” or as we say “What will people/society say” – This is a fear that’s too common among many. And because of this fear they end getting into different ethos.

Who are these people? Isn’t the society made of us? Aren’t we the people? Then why do we worry so much about the people?

It’s so ironical, most of such people never tire out passing comments but the moment it’s them to be facing the music, they don’t like it anymore. I never get why people get into commenting on others personal life, life style or behaviors? Why interfere into others life???

At times they often lead to wrong doings too. If tomorrow majority says the wrong and just from the fear of “Log Kya Kahenge”, one who knows the truth may end up supporting that. A person, who thinks more of “Log Kya Kahenge”, might be having good ideas, but this fear may stop him from getting started. Here let me give example of the two avatars of Vishnu.

Purushottam Ram, he left Sita his own wife for the same reason – Log Kya Kahenge. In turn he ended spending a life of grief. In Ramayan it has been clearly mentioned how much he missed Sita but he could not get himself to agree and bring back Sita. Now take the example of Krishna. He was just the opposite. Did he care about any “Lokachaar”!!! He got to be called by many names – Choor, even Ranchor, Bhawre for his association with the gopis. When he set free the ladies from “Asurs” and saw none in the society would take them, he married them all to give them back their respect. He never cared for what others would say. And result – He stayed happy, smiling and made others smile too.

How can we forget that our Bhagwat Geeta itself got created on the same fear factor. Besides Arjun’s dilemma in fighting against his near and dear ones, he had the same fear “Log Kya Kahenge” when people look back into history. Krishna shows him the right path as to how wrong this fear is when it came to reaching your target.

And I feel it’s just not me but somewhere in the heart of every human being in India this feeling is present but he/she hesitates to deny the interference of society. But they need to get that unless you are out of this fear, you will face grief many a times in life. It’s not that you win over this fear and then end into flippancy. There is a need to maintain some discipline in life. But when we know what we are doing is not wrong, it can even help humanity, when our target is clear then why give ears to what others are saying!!! Maybe this attitude if followed may even be the first step to remove this “Log Kya Kahenge” Rog!!!





13 thoughts on ““What will people/society say”

  1. We live in a society whre everyone wants to have a clean image.. crystal clear!
    But remember, public will say may be for four days!Then they get too busy with other things!There is no shortage of topics and happenings!
    This is INDIA!
    And here the rule is we have to get busy with others’ business!


    • Hey Vikram, nice to see you after many weeks.

      Yes here taking interest in others business is more important than ones own. How so ever we may develop but seems these few issues won’t leave us.


  2. kuch to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kahna

    yaar it has been long time since i started bothering kuch to log kahenge..

    char din bak bak karke fir chup ho jayenge till they find another bakra jiski baat karenge

    chhodo sab baatein apun to aish karenge
    log kahen to kahein ki farak padta hai

    and i hope u r restng now


  3. Yes if every one minds their own business, the world would have been a better place.
    I guess most of us fear public bcoz we want to BELONG and are afraid that if we rebel then we will be an out cast/lonely. Not every 1 has the guts to stand out, most of us feel safe in a ‘herd’. Which is really the WRONG path!


    • Unless you stand up how do you expect others to do so, how do you expect this to stop!!!


  4. I have been a rebel all along and have never bothered as to what they will say.
    My attitude is — Damn them.
    Each one of us have only one life to live so why worry what they will say.

    But still have one thing to say – BT take rest PLEASE!


    • Hahahahaha yes you ARE a rebel. Who else but me knows it so well. 😉

      Problem is there are people who worry. And these “Commenter’s” get more the chance and initiative to say more


  5. Fantastic article and so very true, I have seen this happening right in my own house and failed to understand every time, its ridiculous to give your own happiness for the world who hardly bothers about you.

    Do take rest and get back soon fit. Missing you!


  6. Good one and even better to see you here !!!!!

    Do take rest and recover soon , nahi to “doctor kya kahenge”…hahahahah

    People and opinion….. the least we take them all seriously,the better….


    • Doctors ko bak bak karna achha lagta hai. =)) Like Apra I say – Damn Them!!!! Hahahahaha.


  7. Thats why i love lord krishna 😀

    and Bhaskar dont take rest because “logo ka kaam hai kehna ya bakwas kerna” log here means “WE”… Damn Them 😉


  8. Aap Logon ki baat matt suno ….meri baat Suno and Zaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Saa Aaram karo…humein seriously achcha lagega. Aap aaraam karoge and we’ll feel better

    Trust me Bhai


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