He is still the “Special” and would always remain so!

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An elder brother in life is nothing but a very special gift from God. Words are quite hard to describe what my own Brother meant to me!!! On this day today, few years back, I lost him and Bhabhisa but they always remain in my heart. I miss my brother at every step of my life and somehow I am still ticked that he is up there and I am down here!!!

Words are hard to describe my feelings but still writing down today is giving me so much more tranquility. He was always my favourite and like a hero. I still remember in school we used to write essays revolving around the same topic “Who do you admire and why”. Time and again I used to pick up Bhaisa!!! He would take time off from his busy schedules and always knew the right to say to me. He was the one who took the time to answer to all my “Why’s”. Being 11yrs older than me, that meant a lot. All those time spent with him, those talks I had with him, they all are too precious for me now.

I love him a lot even now, and I know he’d hate to see me crying. But somewhere everything went all wrong!! He was the one who would dry my tears, wipe them away and put a smile in its place. How I wish he was here now, I could see his face but I know that would never to be. I get so tempted to pick up the phone and call him just like I used to do always.

I have now learned to seek out the joy in the memories that remains. If memories of Bhaisa can make me a better human being, I am sure even his soul will be at peace. I know my loss is heavens gain and one day I am definitely going to meet him again up there!!!

Remember when we were young,
We always had such fun!
Those were happy days,
When we had carefree ways.
We didn’t know it then,
But looking back again,
I think of him with love,
My one and only brother!
Even though I drove you all mad!
You always said I’m then just a lad.
Laughing and teasing me,
Sometimes a fight there’d be!
But SUDDENLY life changed,
It was never the same again!
But I still look up to see,
A brother who cared for me,
More than I could ever know,
And still he’s my SPECIAL BRO!
And he always will be,
For ALL eternity!!!!





8 thoughts on “He is still the “Special” and would always remain so!

  1. The love is immortal……so love will connect you with your brother..forever..dont lose your heart BT.


  2. It is really sad to miss our loved ones but the hope that we will meet them in heaven one day keeps us going.

    God bless his soul and you too.


  3. It is always hard to lose someone who is so loved and important part of life.. your Bhai sa and Bhabhi sa wl be alive in your heart forever.. It is easy to say I know how you feel but hard to go thru that..


  4. I know its hard to accept bt you have always been strong that way BT.
    Theyll always stay in your heart
    and you jst need to look around you
    I am sure they are there beside you protecting even now.

    God bless their souls
    you take care!


  5. One thing about life – it goes on….and frankly speaking – it is the dear memories that keep us going.

    There are some people in our lives who will always remain special and nothing or no one can ever replace them. Sometimes they leave us before time, but the memories stay back with us and travel in time with us. No one can ever take them away…..they live forever in our hearts.

    May their soul rest in eternal peace .


  6. You are a very very very very very brave man bro, you really are. I am proud of you.

    A very big hug and remember that we on earth also love you as much.

    love you always


    • I know you do and thats what made my task easy. I really would have been lost if you were not there!!!


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