The Raaz of the Mixer!!!!

How many of us have this fascination with the old stuff lying around in the house?

The current special old-stuff association I know of around me isMy Landlord (Mr X) and THAT mixer which is 20 something years old now!!

Whenever it is used in THEIR kitchen, it feels that the “Ladi-bomb” we burn in Diwali time is ON in MY house!!! =))

But he still loves the mixer.

It has given up so many times but Mr X never gave up on it. THIS mixer is famous in the Electronics/Electrical Repair shops around here. I call it Mixer from Akbar-Babur era!!!

I have not a faintest idea what sentiments he associates with this mixer. He never just lets it go.

And finally, our prayers were answered yesterday night, the noisy and good-for-nothing mixer had a stroke. It stopped working!!! It was kicked, slapped, poked, but nothing seems to make the mixer talk. The look on my landlady’s face was the look of victory when the repair-guy said “Dada! Ab iska samay poora ho gaya“!! What a relief!!! I am sure the wife and mother even did a jig in the kitchen.

Mr X could not believe it. I saw him sulking in his chair and we all rejoiced. His wife ran to the cupboards and inaugurated the NEW food processor she was waiting to use 😉 Mr X got up from his chair and carried his OLD mixer along.

I know it was difficult for him to accept it. We started planning for a party for the weekend to celebrate the “Return of Silence” in the house.

*Sigh* but morning just few minutes back Mr X woke up and knocked on my door. He was standing with the “Now-Working” Oldie Mixer. The man worked till late night to repair it!!!

I have now decided to name it “AK Hangal Mixer”. It never gives up!!!!

So all the loud noise is back again, I can hear it even now. When the mixer is ON, the neighborhood knows. I looked at Mr X and he flashed me his proud smile. He is a happy man.

In his words – he can divorce his wife, leave his kids but the mixer will stay ON!

Talk of “Emotions” and “Life”!!!!

BUT – Mixer ka raaz is still a raaz!!!





12 thoughts on “The Raaz of the Mixer!!!!

  1. lol!!seriously, there’s always something that we dont want to give up. I have clothes which i have been wearing from the past 8 yrs or so….but then i jus love the comfort factor of them so cant give them up! 😛


  2. i am an almost hoarder…so i empathize with him….i still have my bereaved cassette player at home (didn;t let mom throw it away :P) and i do not strictly (for some insane reason) throw away any pens…hahahahahahahaha…but what to do !! every thing has such memories attached to it !! 😦 😛


    • yeah but this guy is different, he repairs and uses it!! :O why?? chuck it in the storeroom and polish it each year on new year’s eve!!


      • the repair is to ensure the “saath” 😛 😛 samjha kar !! store room mein shifting it means u r almost dumping it which is clearly not what he wants 😛


        • Hahahahaha but the noise. Why can’t he repair that. On top of it the man has another new food processor, let him use that na.

          I seriously got a shock when he came with the working mixer. Hahahaha. I never expected it.


          • LOL, seriously!! He should then do something about the noise, and there isn’t a rule that says you can’t have two food processors in one kitchen!! He can keep it and use the new one…use the old one on special occasions like birthdays and diwalis etc., to ”prolong” it’s life 😛


  3. LOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even i have this habit of hoarding old things…so many old clothes, i know i would never use them, but all are there hehehe. I have a dvd player which neva plays dvd but no reasons known i have kept it safe! haha.


  4. Hahahahahahahaha….. more than you I am sure his wife will be interested in knowing the “raaz”.

    BTW, what is a “ladi-bomb” ?


  5. @ Adi, ladi bomb is a string of some 250-500 small bombs all stringed together. You light one and they all go off in succession. They last for some good 5 minutes or so.


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