The Vission!!!!

Old Age Home run by Helpage India

At the time when many of today’s twenty something people get involved in fighting the ‘modern-day’ challenges of their own lives, here was a girl who chose to bring smiles on to the faces of many people whom she didn’t even know. While my mind was engaged trying to find out reasons for such exceptional human behavior, a gentle hand touched my back with an even pleasant and touching voice that said “how are you doing sir? I think it’s the first time you are here. How can I help you?”. She was sitting beside us in the Old Age Home lawns. I was about to answer her, before a voice called for “Paromita” and hearing that she got up with a white stick and marched towards the direction of the voice.

Looking at the way she walked, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the beautiful eyes of Paromita, lacked the ability to see properly. Her eyes though lacked the vision; it had the ability to see what it takes to be happy and spread happiness. My eyes struck on to her dazzling persona. There was quite a bit of rustic charm in the way she carried herself. Her simple ways of addressing people; showing her gratitude to people’s contribution; motivating them to achieve the small yet meaningful shots of happiness, were according to me, acts of conviction and selfless belief in life and humanity.

As I came out of the old age home, I have been thinking about Paromita and the everlasting impressions that she had left on me; to accept who we are; appreciate what we are blessed with and pursue what we love to do, in-spite of our inabilities.





8 thoughts on “The Vission!!!!

  1. what does it take to be more accepting of our own selves (warts and all) and also of others? Am sure once we come from the perspective of acceptance and unconditional love, we are much more at peace vis a vis when we try to be judgemental and try to stick labels on any/everyone. Thanks for sharing this Buddy.


  2. i like this. at times we are just so engrossed in our lives we dont stop to see the things which really touch us.

    thanks for sharing this bhaskar


  3. Contentment is such an important ingredient for happiness. Find that and more than half our job is done.

    Thanks Bhaskar for sharing the experience!


  4. very inspiring. wish each of us try to make this world a better place in our current state itself, instead of waiting for the RIGHT TIME! ! ! Btw thanks for the post much needed for the folks like me.


  5. Thanks for sharing this Bhai.

    The joy of giving without seeking anything in return is what makes people like “Paromita’s” so unique.
    May Lord bless her .


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