Well, yes, English can be “Phunny”!!!

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English is a phunny language” when BigB said this, his dialogue writer had no idea how phunny it can get. English used by few with less knowledge of the language can at times turn the whole meaning of the line hilarious.

The house where I stay, there’s an old lady. She is really a very sweet & caring lady and a full time chatterbox. And best being she loves using “English” words while chatting and that too wrong word and with highest level of confidence. Let me today show you all few samples.

1. You know, Mr Samanta was selling his house and I had no idea. That was a good house. If only someone had given me some “Heeng”!!!

Heeng!!!!! How can a spice help in finding a house!!!! Well what she needed was “Hint”. 😛

2. You have blood sugar and take medicine for that regularly. Make sure to keep “Gaalcoast” at home always.

Sure, I have Galcoast ooooppppps Glucose at home.

3. Its getting hotter day by day. Why don’t you get your lunch at the “Aluminium” Guest house to avoid coming home at noon!!!

Alumni’s are then like hardy metals!!!

4. Private company jobs are no good. I hope you are “Parliament”???

Well is there anything in this world that’s “Permanent”!!!! 😛

5. And this was the height of everything. She comes and asks me – Can you give me the “Hawan”??

How can one GIVE hawan???? I was utterly confused and finally decided to probe more. I asked her why she needed one.

“I am planning to bake a cake today”

Do I need to tell more!!!!!!!!!! 😀





11 thoughts on “Well, yes, English can be “Phunny”!!!

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

    hawan indeed

    i also need that hawan to keep food warm


    phunny english language


  2. Haha, awesome!

    I have one, there’s this lady who calls a microwave a ”microweight” =)) wish it was easier to carry the large one she has at home! 😛


  3. Oh Man!!! hahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!! This one is Hillarious!!! heheheheee! It took me a fw seconds to figure out the hawan….hillarious!


    • So now imagine how much time it might have taken for me to figure out. For many seconds I stood gaping at her ki what is she talking about??? =))=))


  4. Nice post 😀
    Other day Mom and me went to our Dad’s friend’s home . That Uncle’s mother insisted us to have some or the other juice from their home, she said to me “Prasanna! It has been somany days that you came to our home, I will not leave you until you eat some SNAKES. I my self made those SNAKES. ”
    This thought of eating SNAKES nauseated me, I thought I will throwup there itself. By God’s grace her daughter in law brought murukulu(a common snack item in south India) ….That Dadi ji mis spelt SNACKS as SNAKES….. :D:D:D


  5. HILARIOUSSSS bhai =))=))=))=)) I can’t stop laughingg…..
    HAWANNN=))=))=)) at first i thought its sth related to puja or sth….but then later read the line “I am planning to bake a cake today”
    =))=)) OMG OMG instead of oven she said HAWAN=))=))
    parliament =))=))=))=)) HAHHAHAHAH
    this is the besttt post of yours…=))
    *I still can’t stop laughing*=))=))=))


  6. hahaha…english is indeed a phunny language…
    Now, let me check if my cell is still acting funny or allows me to submit it!!!!


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